How Do You Make Your MySpace Show Up On Google?

How Do You Make Your MySpace Show Up On Google?

This is really an easy question, although I came across the answer purely by accident 🙂 I had come up with the name Wavecritter back in the 90’s (yes, 1990’s lol :). Playing around on Neopets (very early actually upon conception of the site 🙂 and I had signed up at few sites using Wavecritter (I will tell you where that name came from at the end of the post). But, later on when MySpace came around, I had been using Wavecritter for a few years and thought I would stick with it. Well, I happened to change my display name to Wavecritter like this:

Wavecritter MySpace

Wavecritter MySpace

And there you go! That’s it…the big secret 🙂 Be sure your Display name is the search term you wish your page to come up for 🙂

Also, it helps quite a bit if your URL for MySpace is the same as your Display Name 🙂 Be sure it is what you want and how you want to be searched because that will be the primary search term for your MySpace page to come up to 🙂

Wavecritter MySpace

Wavecritter MySpace

Keep in mind, you need to create some “buzz” on your site by adding comments, changing your profile just a bit every few days for a while (about a month is good for a higher rating it seems), changing the “What are you doing now? and the thing with the smiley icon guy 🙂 And, making friends, because that’s what MySpace is really for 🙂

Wavecritter MySpace

Wavecritter MySpace

Make me a friend over there too if you wish, I would dig it 🙂

Ohhhhh … Wavecritter, right! OK … I really thought long and hard on that name. I was not going to have to be stuck with numbers 🙂 So, my Dad has always called “things” “critters” , that part was easy 🙂 Then, I was way up in the Great White North at the time and missing the sand, surf, and yes …. you guessed it …. Waves! Easy to put together from here right? LOL Cool Beans!

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me 😉

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