Updates on Blogs and Social Networks

We thought we would condense a bunch of our favorite Blogs and Social Networks sites Newest and Coolest Updates!

Every site changes, whether they add to or take away, the site managers hone, test, and challenge themselves into bettering their particular Blogs and Social Networks sites πŸ™‚


Here are some of the newest changes we found on:

Google’s GMail:

Picasa, YouTube, Flicker, and Yelp previews of photos, videos, and reviews instead ofΒ  just links, directly in your email!

You’ve all heard the joke “You Can’t “Unsend” an Email?” Well guess again! Google has ursurped the impossible yet again with an option for giving yourself a grace period after clicking that send button πŸ™‚ Edit and resend.

GMail offline! Yes, use GMail even when you are not connected to the net πŸ™‚ and with Tasks Mobile you can take it all with you.

There are (at last look:) 42 current, crazy, lab experiment choices. Something for everyone to try.


The name is fairly new as they were originally Utterz but now Utterli. The same awesome podcasting social network!

The newer happenings at Utterli are a discontinue of the Free International Dial in numbers. Utterli is currently working on a solution at present but this feature has come to be too expensive.

A Desktop Application is now available on Ubuntu if you use the Ubuntu Amazon Services.

Group Calling and Video Processing have also been introduced this year.


Trusera is a brilliantly designed Health Social Network in need of partners. In our search for Haelth Social Networks, we found no real competion here with Trusera, so investors Take a Peek πŸ™‚ At present, what are the investor options? Here is an option πŸ™‚


YouTube in High Definition! Yes, watch your favorite videos in HD!

Try out Collaborative Annotations for your videos. YouTube launched annotations in June of 2008 where you can add text, blurbs, speech bubbles to your uploaded videos. Now, you can invite anyone you like to create speech bubbles, notes, and spotlights on your videos too πŸ™‚ Find this info on the home page of YouTube in the lower right hand Collaborative Annotations link (this takes you to YouTubes blog site:)

Be crowned “Best Dunker” with your presented video. YouTube Slam Dunk with a judging panel of NBA All Star and Olympic Gold Medalist Chris Bosh, Fab 5 Member and NBA Pro Jalen Rose, and the Worlds hottest dunk crew, Team Flight Brothers.

Watch video on Windows Mobile and Nokia S60 phones. While YouTube has been available for many mobile phones for over a year, you can check the newest additions at YouTubes Blog.

Check out the Recent Updates post 3/26/09 at YouTubes blog for more πŸ™‚



Named as one of the fastest growing sites by Nielsen πŸ™‚ The updates at Zimbio are really a shedding and spring cleaning of some features that took up more time and space really, and not as effective as the resources spent. Even the greatest of ideas get pruned for the honing of perfection πŸ™‚ Check out the updates list for Zimbio by visiting their Company Wiki.

More Updates on the Way! Or Listen Into Our Blogs and Social Networks Updates Show For Even More πŸ™‚

Check Blogheiress Blogs and Social Networks for more πŸ™‚

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me πŸ™‚

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Blogs – Types of Blogs

Having made step by step videos on How To navigate and use different blog platforms and How To use the blogging areas on some of the big social networks like MySpace, Facebook, and My Yearbook,Β  but then … what do you write about?


Types of Blogs You Can Create πŸ™‚

Topic Blogs – Actually this site BlogsAndSocialNetworks.com is a “Topic” blog, so is VideoGamesAndGaming.com, but these two are also a How To blog as well. Any broad, general, global, town related subject whether it’s a “World” blog or just a State, your topic can be Animals in the World (broad topic) or Primates in the Jungle (a bit more narrow) or Chimps in the NY Zoo (very specific πŸ™‚ Americans is a great topic as well, Ben Franklin for example. You could post about him for a whole month, then next month post on George Washington πŸ™‚

Topic blogs have such a diverse inclusion like Fashion, Travel, Dreams, My Trip, Educational Institutions, Cats, etc. Many choices here. Write what you love πŸ™‚

Salesy Web Site Blogs – Sites that look a Christmas Sale at the Mall with Flashy Banners, Sales Fluff around every corner. These do attract attention to some and may work for you.

Photo Sites – A great Photo style blog can be found at ParisDailyPhoto.com but it is any chosen photo you select to “be” the blog and add a line or few of explanation or interest, location … etc. to your picture πŸ™‚

Journal Blogs – A great example of a journal style blog is Wavecritter.LiveJournal.com or SurfPiccasso2001.LiveJournal.com Stevies blog is a journal style, write as you sort of story teller or what’s up with my day or life type blog πŸ™‚

VLogs or Video Blogs – Of course the best place to see a VLog is at a Video Social Network at someones profile page like me πŸ™‚ YouTube.com/Wavecritter I have a bunch of friends there that have very different styles of VLogs too which are easy to find at YouTube, like a musician style where they play and take videos of either them on stage or create a story video to go with their songs; “Let’s Talk” sort of videos, How To, Real Life, and more.

Explanation or Definition Blogs – These are quite similar to the How To style blogs but are mostly like a Wikipedia style topic blog that gives a detailed explanation with examples πŸ™‚ They don’t need to be using the Wikipedia platform of course, but this one on Blog is a good example. A really great Explanation blog will have many resource links to other relevant posts or sites.

Review Blogs – These are usually quite helpful blogs in general as you can open up several and see what different views there are out there on any given iten, topic, company, laundry soap lol, or whatever you are looking for opinions on. To write this style blog you will need to have more than an idea of the subject. If you do a review site on restaraunts for example, you would be a person who frequently visits new restaraunts and has a grasp of a great dining out experience with out being hyper critical. Point out the pros and cons so to speak πŸ™‚ If you write a review style blog, you could link to the items that you review for more link backs, information, or to monetize your site if these are your items on Amazon or EBay.

List Blogs – This is a fun way to blog. 7 ways to bake a cake, 11 types of tennis shoes, 8 reasons why you should exercise, 100 favorite songs of the year, the top 5 social networks, etc. With a list style blog, you can start a post with the original list, then take each (#1, #2, etc.) and make an in depth post on each number, it will get you a whole series of posts and help you with your posts πŸ™‚

Group, Team, or Company Style Blogs – A site for any specific organization, group or team. This type of blog is geared toward your members of the company, pack, sports organization, guild, or party to get information out to them. A communication type blog just for a specific sector of people.

Most blogs fall into one or more (or a subset) of these categories, but as categories go, they could be sub divided into many, many more smaller or specific types like with the Topic Blog especially πŸ™‚

Lokking at the list of blog types that WordPress has will help you as well. This list will keep you clear of the No-No Types of Blogs to create πŸ™‚

Have fun with your blog and write what you are passionate about or you may not be blogging long out of boredom πŸ™‚

Checking into MyBlogLog and Zimbio will get you some additonal blog attention!

Listen into Blogs and Social Networks for more πŸ™‚

Stevie and Stephanie Haile aka Blogheiress and Wavecritter

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Social Bookmarking Sites

What can social bookmarking sites do for you? How do they work?

and How do you pick the ones that will work for you?

These are good questions to be sure, but what questions should you ask yourself before choosing your personal social bookmarking sites. Let’s begin with a short list to get you headed on the correct path. What do you want from a bookmarking site? Are friends a big draw for you? Are you primarily wanting to focus on page ranking?Β  Would you like more exposure to your individual posts? Do your most recent posts need more attention or the front page of your site? Are you up for a popularity contest or are you seeking content related ratings? Would you like a few social bookmarking sites to focus on to really make an Internet difference in exposure or just one? Do you have one blog, social network, or site and want many social bookmarking sites? Or do you have blogs and social networks or other sites and want to focus on a few social bookmarking sites?

To shed some light on the answers to these questions and possible more you would really need to research the masses of social bookmarking sites available to Internet users today. I personally have checked into a few of the major and minor players in the social bookmarking sector of the net and will list a few of the ones I have found useful.

Claim ID

Claim ID

Claim ID is a free sign up site. After setting up your personal visitors profile page, viewers will see a photo and a bit of a bio on you along with your compilation of sites you have entered. This list has areas for descriptions of the sites you add and the link is live and takes the visitor directly to your site. It is sort of an all inclusive “What sites do I have to offer” page which some call a link resume. Verify the sites you list as this will gain you credibility. Claim ID and Open ID are fairly simple sites and an easy way to manage your online presentation identity of hyper-linked URLs.

Yahoo Buzz

Yahoo Buzz

Yahoo Buzz is a social bookmarking siteΒ  where stories are ranked by your votes.Β  Submit your own stories to the Buzz or just hang out and vote on other members submissions.Β  The voting system at Buzz allows voters to vote up or down on any given story to promote or take away promotion of a story. There is a complete FAQs section at Yahoo Buzz that will answer navigation, system, and other questions. Buzz is people driven and popularity on your chosen stories is a must for high ratings. I found Buzz to feature celebrity and political stories highest. If you have a Yahoo email account, you are just a click away from getting involved with Buzz.



One of the bigger social bookmarking sites, MyBlogLog, is also owned by Yahoo.Β  This site is also user driven as far as popularity of sites on MyBlogLog.Β  Your creation personal profile area has a listing for all your personal sites from social networks, blogs, or any web site that you could want to create a list and subsequently a “Group” for. Inputting each of sites at MyBlogLog then creates a “Group” for that site that other members of MyBlogLog can join. Sub groups with the head being a web site. MyBlogLog also has an area to list your social networks under “Services”. This list creates a feed from each of these sites and services and posts the actions right on your viewable personal profile page. Visitors who come to your MyBlogLog site will be able to view all of the submissions you have made to your entire list of sites and services right from your home page. Again, a similarity to a link resume but with a higher interaction level than with Claim ID on the friending side.



Magnolia is a social bookmarking site with the plus of a Wiki. My first impression here was a feature of Art and Photography. The video tutorials on the roots section are a must and the discovery searches and friend capabilities here at Magnolia are also a big attraction to this site. Keeping your sites together collected on a social bookmarking site like Magnolia allows you access to your favorites anytime no matter which computer you are using. Finding out what others like and enjoy and then sharing your bookmarks with your friends who have the same interests as you is one of the many highlights to this site. Magnolia makes the social side of social bookmarking work better.



Bloglines tracks your favorite news, blogs, weather, and classifieds so you don’t have to. This social bookmarking site allows the user to read, save, and share all in one place. Users of PC’s, Mac’s, cell phones, and iPhones can investigate Bloglines top one thousand, lists of popular feeds, interact on site, and more. Bloglines differs from Google Reader a bit on features. With Google Reader’s feed list, you are able to share individual posts or entire feeds for others to then view on your Google Reader home page. Google Reader’s site also features a portable coding widget to embed on your personal blogs or other sites. This is a big plus as using Google Readers widget on your sites also adds fresh content to them. One of the incredible and numerous draws to using the Google related social bookmarking site.



Newsvine is a different sort of social bookmark. It really focuses on headline, interesting, and right now news and articles. Newsvine offers a toolbar button to make it quite easy to submit any article or story you find to your newsvine profile page. Like Stumbleupon, Newsvine concentrates on individual posts, news articles and stories, not necessarily ones you wrote, but ones you or others have found to include in the mixx at Newsvine or Stumbleupon. Another major interest here at Newsvine are the groups. This is a very “news paper boy” oriented site for top stories, tech, science, and curiosity raising stories. If you happen to be the first to submit a particular article, you have the honor of writing a short description and getting head lined in the article as being the “finder”.



While Newsvine and Stumbleupon have the toolbar button feature, Digg usually houses an online, on site button to Digg a story, post, or article. Friending is a feature of Stumbleupon, Newsvine and Digg. Rather required at Digg, as without friends, your chances of other members “digging” your input are fewer. So keep in mind that the friending features are prevalent at MyBlogLog, Digg, Newsvine, Magnolia, Yahoo Buzz, and to some extent with the sharing factor Google Reader.



Technorati is in its own league and category I think when it comes to social bookmarking sites. Technorati has its own rating system to determine “Blog Authority”. Running with the big dog blogs like People, Tech Crunch, Boing Boing, LA Times, and Google will take a lot of focus and precision, SEO, and detail work. Getting in line with what Technorati has to offer may take a bit of time to navigate around and learn the system, but well worth the effort if this is your end run result.



Social bookmarking sites like delicious have a system for running the tags or keyword phrases all together. As opposed to “work at home free trial”, they would run the words together and use workathomefreetrial as the actual keyword phrase or tag. While other social bookmarks allow only one word at a time and will separate the entire phrase like “work, at, home, free, trial. I believe these sites to be a bit outdated as far as Google ratings are concerned. Many search engines prefer the entire phrase as the long tail keyword as it forms a better connection between these individual words, so keep this in mind as you choose.



Zimbio may not seem like a social bookmarking site at first glance but delving further into this Wiki based site I found that indeed it works like a social bookmark for individual posts. Zimbio will gain exposure to individual posts from the blog sites you list with them by categorizing each post into a separate Wiki. That is really what some social bookmark site do, gain you more exposure to your posts and sites.

Blink List

Blink List

Social bookmarking sites can be social featured and driven like Technorati or Digg or just for your personal favorites and listing uses. Furl is one for you personally as is My Bookmarks and Blink List. These sites are for you to store your favorites and have access from multiple computers. Clip Marks lets you “clip”Β  the section of the page you wish to save or bookmark rather than the entire page. A paragraph, sentence, image or video. The exact part of the page that you wish to favorite.

Clip Marks

Clip Marks

Choose from user voting sites like propeller or Digg, friending sites, sites just for you, bookmarking sites that also offer cool widgets for your blogs, link lists, community driven or rated by the site, private bookmarks, group featured sites, news focused sites, or the multi social bookmarking sites like MyBlogLog.

Making a list of questions you want answered and features you need, focusing on the end result desired along the way and using “Do you want to make a list of saved pages for yourself?” Or “Am I looking for page ratings primarily for my sites or individual posts?” These questions will whittle down your starting point in the location of social bookmarking sites for you.

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me

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Blogs and Social Networks Zimbio



Thousands of online magazines at your fingertips!

Write an Article, Ping Your Blog, or Create a WikiZine!

More to come on Zimbio πŸ™‚

Blogs and Social Networks
Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me

Listen Into Our Show tonight For More on Zimbio (All Shows are recorded for your listening anytime)

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Blogs and Social Networks Blog Submission Sites

Blog Submission Sites

Blog Submission, in general, can be set up as a “trade” where you input your blog URL to a site,
and they ask you to them place their widget or link on your blog site in return for them showing
yours to others.
Or Like a Posting Widget. ShoutMix.com has a great one (looks like this):

Free Sign Up Companies ShoutMix

Visit The Site At ShoutMix.com

Visitors Add Their Blog or Site URLs and You Add Yours πŸ˜‰

Then, we can move onto sites like Martin Lemeiux’s Blog Submission

Martin Lemieux Blog Submission

Martin Lemieux Blog Submission Site

Martin Lemieux Blog Submission Site

Martin Lemieux Blog Submission Site

Martin Lemieux Blog Submission Site

Martin Lemieux Blog Submission Site

Martin Lemieux Blog Submission Site

Zimbio Blog Submission and Social Network




Then, Finish Your Profile, Zimbio is A Social Network πŸ˜‰

Zimbio Social Network

Add Your Own WikiZine Group For Article Types


Visit Wavecritter on Zimbio

Wavecritter on Zimbio

Wavecritter on Zimbio

There Are Many Blog URL Trading Sites, Blog Submission Sites, and Widgets

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me πŸ˜‰

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Video Games and Gaming

From Atari To XBox360 And Back Again


WordPress.com is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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