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A Review On Blog Talk Radio

The Internet and marketing any generic MLM business opportunity is changing by leaps and bounds. Lets stay ahead of the types of marketing available today and keep ourselves informed and educated on the brilliant new marketing tools out there.

Blog Talk Radio is a social network, an online radio broadcast station, and a blog site all rolled into one well presented package. Being such a fan of blogs and social networks, I naturally had to check this one out.

Blog Talk Radio is free to listen, free to join, and free to host a radio show. A Generic MLM wonderland of business tips, advice, and strategy, and an opportunity for you to have your very own platform for what you know and are excited about.

This is an entertainment, information, and business Times Square. A jumbling and melding of brilliance, color, creativity, and radio personalities. The “new Wave” of radio.

When radio started getting popular, way before the TV ever landed in homes and living rooms, people tuned into shows like Crypt Theatre, Jack Benny, Old Time westerns like Gunsmoke, and Crime Buster Radio with Ellery Queen and Sam Spade.

In todays world, the Internet has gone Radio and Blog Talk radio is the place to go. Their support team is outstanding, their layout is easy to understand and navigate, and the extras, like an added blog site, are frosting for the cake. There are also classes made available to each and every new show host that signs up, with helpful, professional instruction to get your first show running as smoothly as possible. Of course, with first shows, there might be some happy and not so happy mistakes or unexpected surprises. Just go with the flow on your first show and there should be smoother sailing as time goes on.

Have your Generic MLM cake and eat it too at Blog Talk Radio. I am hoping to see you, I mean hear you there. Remember, happiness is only real if it is shared.

Stephanie Haile Google me


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It is required for you to reach your destination, at least in the mind of the seeker,
because the journey is the lesson that teaches you how to accept the
dream. The trip is never one long race to the finish, it requires stops
along the way. Many find this unbearable, as the impatience takes
control. When an adventure is taken in bites and pieces, there is then
time to savor the little hills and streams that one has surpassed and

Look at today as either climbing that slope or gaining
some kind of wisdom to actually peak the summit tomorrow. Perseverance
is defined in the dictionary as a noun. "The steady persistence in a
course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., in spite of difficulties,
obstacles, or discouragement." As it pertains to Internet Marketing,
there may be many obstacles to overcome, learning curves, teaching team
members, and self improvement.

In reality, the steps taken to
reach your end can never be viewed as in vain. The learning, teaching,
people you meet, places you go, and experiences in life are but needed
travel time to mold yourself into that what you seek.

Let's look
at the quote by H. Jackson Brown "In the confrontation between the
stream and the rock, the stream always wins- not through strength but
by perseverance." In this, he states that in the observation of a steam
trickling down it's path, even when rocks and other obstacles prevent
the stream from a straight line, the stream will fully reach it's
desired area and destination.

"The Little Train That Could" with
his "I think I can" then turning into the "I know I can" completely
sums up the expedition nicely. The Little Train actually believed he
could, not letting other outside influences allow to think otherwise.

of mediocre ability sometimes achieve outstanding success because they
don't know when to quit. Most men succeed because they are determined
to." by George E. Allen explains this concept of The Little Train
simply. The Little Train did not know when to quit. Remembering to
forget, is sometimes the answer here to true perseverance. The
importance being placed on the finish line, going around, over, under,
or through any obstacles placed in your path to a successful Generic
MLM business opportunity or any opportunity.

Stephanie Haile Google Me


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Generic MLM- How To Copy And Paste

A great need is erupting in the generic MLM market. There is an torrent of technologically challenged people who are eager to get started marketing their outstanding business opportunities on the Internet.
Many have become so accustomed to using their home computers that they might have a hard time portraying the steps needed for others to get comfortable. I have found the new and amazing users to the Internet brilliant and refreshing. Here is a basic tool that will get the fresh users started on their journey.
This process is one of the very first to master. Once you are a professional at copy and paste tools, you are more than half way to building and creating any web site, blog, or even posting on a forum. These are ways that the successful Internet marketers advertise their generic mlm business.
There are 2 ways to copy and paste. First way is to click your right mouse and hold it as you drag the cursor over the words or phrases you want to copy. Or, if you want to copy the entire page, then you can right click the mouse anywhere on the page and the drop down menu will appear. Click with the left mouse button while the cursor is over the words "select all". This will highlight the whole page. Sometimes this will also include things that you do not want like the header of an email or other unwanted text, so be sure you look to see what you have highlighted with this method.
Practice with this page, I will space things so you can get the whole page by clicking the right mouse over what beginning letter you want to start with in the sentence and then holding it down as you drag the cursor over the length of the word.
It will turn blue as you drag the mouse. You can let go of the right mouse button after everything you want to copy is highlighted. Don' click the mouse again until the cursor is right on top of some of the highlighted things, then right click the mouse, a drop down menu is presented. Place your cursor arrow over the word copy and left click the word copy. It is now in your mouse and ready to be pasted. While you are practicing, leave the page that you copied from open until you paste in case you need to start over.
Now, go to the email or other page that you want to paste into. Place your cursor in the area you want to paste in, and right click your mouse, another drop down menu will appear. Place the arrow over the word paste and left click paste. Eureka! You have transferred a document, email, or other text or graphic from one place to another!
Second way to copy and paste is to highlight the area with your mouse, same as above, then while the highlight is still on, push the Ctrl key, which is under the shift key, and the c key at the same time. This will copy. To paste, click your cursor so the typing line shows on the page you are pasting to, and push the Ctrl and the v key at the same time. The copied items should appear like magic.
Practice with this page if you want, I have spaced things so you can take a paragraph, a sentence or the whole thing.
This works with text. Graphics and photos are very similar. Use the right click method while your cursor is directly over the graphic or picture you would like and the drop down menu will give you the option of save as, use this option. Make sure it is save "AS". Left click this and type a word or two in the directory box that comes up so you can remember what the picture is. Make sure (the computer usually does this for you) it says that it is saving your photo or image to your pictures file. This is the easiest way to retrieve them later in a file that is easy to find.
Taking some time to actually go through the process before it is essential and needed is a very bright idea. It will give you confidence when you need it most. Learning and being able to use the copy and paste tools quickly and effortlessly will be your goal. After a while, this will be one of the easiest steps for creating web pages, blog's, and even a simple post on a forum. This simple tool and skill will give you the confidence needed for the next steps in your on-line adventure.
Once you have this procedure mastered, you can move on to how to create a successful blog. Any generic MLM marketing strategy must first include these basic learning steps. These will put you well on your way to a successful future and will help you teach others your generic MLM marketing tips.

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter

Check out the web site below to find out how to become a part of the team.

Copyright © Stephanie Haile, All Rights Reserved

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The Top 2 Grave Errors Of New Internet Marketers

The most important tool to an Internet marketer is his computer. Keeping your computer protected is the top priority of the freshly oriented to the Internet. Before you even get your computer keys warm, you must get some Internet security.
Unfortunately, there are problems in the way of viruses that can and will attack your computer just by browsing the Internet and getting acquainted with your system. Most new computer systems come standard with access to great Internet security programs. If your computer does not come equipped with such a program, my very first recommendation would be to contact the store where you purchased the computer. Find out which security system will work best with your particular set up and either have them install it for you or walk you through the set up process. This is the only way your computer will be kept in working order for you to venture out into the world of the Internet.
There are tutorials with every security system available today. Learning the system and knowing how to utilize this tool is the most important step to Internet success with your chosen generic MLM opportunity. Get a quick visual with this analogy. The duck hunters are waiting patiently for the first duck to get rushed and hurry off the lake. Bam, the first duck to rush out gets hit. Same scenario as the unprotected Internet user rushing off into the vast reaches of the Internet. When you find your selected business, the first thought is how do I market this? Make your first thought is my computer protected to venture forth.
Once you have a protected computer, the next most common mistake of the new Internet marketer is starting a promotional campaign before consulting the team that they are on and making a budget of your time and financial resources. We all get excited about our generic MLM choice and for a good reason. The truly great business systems offer a product or service like no other. They have unique pay plans and systems in place for members to benefit and make a residual income to finance their future. And, they have individuals who have made the system work for them. If that doesn't get you excited and off the couch, you are either doing very well or have not yet been introduced to the business for you.
Make out a time schedule of your daily commitments and see where the holes are. Where do you have a set hour or two every day to work at your chosen opportunity. I wanted to stress the word opportunity to get a clear understanding that this business decision was a choice and what you do with it is also a choice. It is an opportunity to get where you want to be in life. Contacting the members of your team is imperative, as they have been where you are now. They can guide you in the right direction. Learn from their mistakes so you do not have to remake them.
Getting a detailed list of what they did to build their business is key to your success. Plan your time as if you were punching a time clock. Take a sick day only if you are really sick. What would your weekly paycheck at the office look like if you consistently took time off? You actually may not have a check after a few weeks. This is the same. Stay connected to your team and ask questions about how to build your business. Read generic MLM information. Take some time from your busy day or night and enroll in generic MLM 101 by absorbing one marketing technique at a time. Find one that would interest you, purchase leads offered by your company to get visitors coming to your site, and then start learning your chosen new way to market. Put your time and effort into something that is working for others and it will work for you.
Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter
Check out the web site below to find out how to become a part of the team.

Copyright © Stephanie Haile, All Rights Reserved

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