An Analogy On Trees

An Analogy On Trees I think a bit of thought will help you get creative in your blogs and social networks…..

“I think that I should never see…” by Joyce Kilmer. One of the most quoted and best loved verses about the staple of nature, trees.’Tree’ can be an abstract term, analogy, or metaphor, giving ‘tree’ a situational existence such as a genealogy or sequence of events. Or, a ‘tree’ can be a singular unit such as a leader, organization, or building. Even still, a ‘tree’ could just be a tree, standing tall, waving in the breeze, limbs and leaves, bark and branches with roots extending into the earth beyond our vision. (more…)

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Choices Make Ripples

Decisions that present themselves in your daily travels are numerous. Each person separately may have many or few choices to make, but for the masses, they are quite similar.
The majority of the decisions laid in our paths involve what we will affect with our buying power. Which car will we drive, what home to purchase, how we dress, and when, where, and what we will eat. The vendor choices we have at all, depends solely on whether we have the income level needed to shop at Macy's or Walmart. Then, choices again for products or services offered by each individual vendor. The shower curtain assortment alone will leave you speechless! And ultimately, you are presented with the most American decision of all, credit or debit?
The way we choose, can also be varied. Some make a selection by flipping a coin, while others see the process as an arduous task, destined to consume them, interfering with every moment of their day.
The choices presented to us, change with the seasons, they change as we age, and with individual obstacles that sprout up in our way. Questions range from the simplest, "Am I hungry, and what will I eat?" to extreme complex problem solvers, "How will I get to work, if I take this new job?".  The "basic need" decisions have an affect on a grocer or small restaurant in a positive, but relatively small way. Although, if you have a positive experience, you will come back and might just bring or tell a few friends. Now, your simple decision turns into a long term positive force, driving future buying power.
The later, more complicated issues, impress on a much broader sector of the population. Employment searches require you interact with a much larger group of people. Your selection of prospective companies to apply with, in turn, create another list of possibilities. "Do I take the bus, or obtain an automobile?". Which then presents you with other avenues, roads, and trails.
Whether you are early or late, speedy or sluggish, bare or composite, realize first, that your conclusion to the situation is yours to establish. The choices are like stones, and what you choose is like throwing the stone into a pond. It leaves ripples. Produce positive, significant ripples, for the ripples we create today, will change the world tomorrow.
Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter

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Lake reflect

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