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We often hear the word “focus” in the same context as blogging instruction but what does it really mean and who does it really mean it for?

Focus in the blogging platform or social networking world refers to shooting toward reaching your “target” audience. Who would you like to visit your social networks and read your blog sites? What demographic? Now, why would the blogs and social networks person care who came to visit? Marketing to be precise.

If a blogger is marketing a particular product, they would then care very much who came to see their sites. For example) If your product was a health and wellness sort of “Vitamin” product, then a “Get Healthy or “Stay Healthy” sort of blog would hit the nail on the head to some degree. What if the product is “Vitamin D”? Then focus would get you to a site much more focused on bone health instead of overall health.

Who else would want to focus their sites? If you aren’t marketing a product but would like to gain a high rating with Google, become an expert, or just have a very popular site full of specific information, then focus is for you πŸ™‚

Do Stevie and Stephanie at Blogs and Social Networks focus? I can’t say that we do actually πŸ™‚ Encompassing the entire subject of Blogs and Social Networks (and not that we even come close to hitting every site) is not really a very focused, specific topic. To hold true to many blogging platforms, we have many blogs specifically geared towards Blogs and Social Networks and are members of multiple social networks. It is rather a broad subject area but holds a great example of what it means to go smaller from it and more focused.

Blogs and Social Networks …

Social Networks That Have Blog Capability …

MySpace and Facebook …

Or You could go from Blogs and Social Networks …

to Blogs about Social Networks …

then onto blogs about MySpace and Facebook …

or to be less focused, blogs about the major social networks.

Recall why we focus again, to appeal to a group who will more likely be interested in our topics, information, and offers.

Sometimes focus is not important. A very wide spectrum blog works quite well and attracts visitors. The blog remains on a subject, but a very wide subject much like Blogs and Social Networks or Video Games and Gaming. Again, with Video Games and Gaming, this can become much more focused a topic …

Video Games and Gaming …

Console Games …

Wii Games …

Wii Fit Games …

Or you can choose to create sub sections (or pages) of your blog (or create a wiki at wetpaint) to house focused topics like this but name your blog a wider topic name.

Once the understanding of why a blogger is told to focus comes into … well … errr … “focus” … then it becomes clear whether or not you actually should decide to look into it all or not. Are you trying to reach a “target” audience? or do you just want to be sure that your writings are helping whoever searches that info out?

With searches, keywords really take the drivers seat here. How do visitors actually find what you have? Think about your tags, labels and keywords (all one in the same, with just a different name at different blog site platforms) What will those ask who wish to find your answers? How you label and categorize your posts matters greatly to the seeker of your posts. If you have a post on How To Make Ice Cream, then your top keywords probably should be: Ice Cream, Ice Cream How To, How To Make Ice Cream, Frozen Desserts, and Dessert Recipes. Then add your name or alias (Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter) (author title) as another keyword, you could use the blog platform as another if you wished (ie: WordPress, Blog Talk Radio, Blogger) and then peruse through your post for a few select keyword phrases running together in the text and standing out. Use these as well (In this post it would be “Blogging instruction” blogging Platform” or Social Networking”). There you go, you just greatly assisted your visitors in arriving at your information πŸ™‚

However much you really wish to focus on your blogs and social networks in this manner is entirely up to you … do remember that every person is unique, every blog is unique, and every social network is unique and that each has it’s own attractions for a reason … they are all different πŸ™‚ Cookie cutter is not generally the way to go to become different, although you could begin with the design and “color” or “decorate” it however you like πŸ™‚

With a very focused blog site, focused right from the creation date on , you will need to think about where to actually get the word out or “effectively market” this site. Groups (first and foremost) in the social networking communities are the number one best places to market an on topic blog. Probably placing a link on a Gardening blog in a group on fishing is not going to be your first choice group πŸ™‚ But, possible the people at the fishing group are also interested in gardening as well and it may do some good πŸ™‚ Seek out the gardening groups to introduce your gardening blog to first though πŸ™‚

Your keywords will be the “behind the scenes” marking engine for you while you manually market your site to and through other Blogs and Social Networks sites. Getting backlinks is quite easy. Log into your blog platform (ie: WordPress, Blogspot, Vox, Livejournal …) then browse through other blog sites on the same platform, either on your topic or on another, comment on their posts as you view some sites. Each comment you leave (while logged in) will send a link back to your site via the “icon” or username info left on the comment πŸ™‚ Nope, you don’t really need to “rely” on friends to actually list you on their blogroll.

Use your blog URL as part of every bio, info, or profile area on all of your social networks and think about securing a clever domain name for your blog site πŸ™‚ I chose , .com , , .org , and .net for our main blog platforms (Wetpaint, WordPress, Blog Talk Radio, and Blogspot). One is fine, there is no need to get all (info, com, net, etc) this way when you redirect the domain to your blog URL, it is now a much easier name to remember. is easier (I hope lol) than for instance.

These are some good tips, we will be writing some more soon. Stay tuned for Blogs And Social Networks

Keeping Up with your Facebook and MySpace Applications

Blogs and Social Networks

Stevie and Stephanie Haile aka Blogheiress and Wavecritter Google Us πŸ™‚

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MySpace and Facebook – Compare the Updates

With the ever changing Internet morphing and transforming in the blink
of an eye, the sights, sounds and flavors online of the specific social
networks won't be left out of the wave. MySpace and Facebook have
certainly included themselves in the update arena of blogs and social

To compare and contrast the two largest social
networks, all the while keeping up to date with the newest updates and
features is an exciting roller coaster of events. While MySpace and
Facebook are not the only two social networking sites on the block,
they hold the top spots in this category.

In the personal
interface area at MySpace, not the profile layout for your visitors to
view, but the "for your eyes only" section, you can now customize the
layout or background to a healthy selection of colors and styles. The
individual modules can also be relocated and moved around to suit your
ease of viewing them any way you would like or just close the ones you
do not need altogether.

MySpace has a good selection of the new
CSS 2.0 layouts as well for your visitors eyes on your profile page.
The staggering amount of CSS 2.0 layout choices at the numerous layout
sites will certainly allow the flare and personality of individuals
everywhere to express their profile page and astound their guests. The
new CSS 2.0 change is extremely easy to learn, so the switch over will
be no problem. The tutorials furnished will assist with any troubles
you may encounter.

Facebook has some updates as well in their
personal interface area. It has a cleaner feel and it is easier to see
your friends news feeds, status updates, photos, and posted items all
designed and navigated by the new tab system. Facebook has a shout out
"Twitter Style" capability that MySpace does not yet have as you are
able to comment on your friends shout outs as they make them. A shout
out is just a little blurb of how you feel or what your are doing at
that given time or moment, like "Going to the Store", "BBL" (be back
later), "Major Headache", or "At Work, Saying Hi". While MySpace has a
mini shout out with no comment feature, they do have an emoticon "Mood"
feature that is not incorporated into the Facebook shout out. Their
emoticon "Mood" feature is offered as an application widget through the
"Top Friends" application and others.

Facebook has prided itself
on it's privacy features since it's inception and it actually "feels"
more private when you are venturing around the profiles, groups, and
featured pages. There has been much media on the virus filled
applications in the mid part of 2008, but with the onset of 2009,
people are still flocking in droves over to this blog social network.

is geared towards senses stimulation with its color oriented layouts,
music with its many band sites, and video broadcasts. You "hear"
MySpace and "read" Facebook it seems. I believe that each is a big draw
to both sites. The "fluff" at MySpace being the deco, diapason, dress,
and design and at Facebook, the big calling is association, art,
academia, and applications.

The chat features at each social
network are quite different. MySpace has their IM extraordinaire but
the Facebook chat is a great deal less appealing because first you need
to be on and logged into the social network in order to actually use
their chat feature. Whereas the MySpace IM (instant messenger) is a
separate system. There is no need to be logged into the social network
at all to chat and the mobile IM is quite handy.

customization of interface levels makes Facebook seem more private, but
both social networks have a great deal of privacy or not very much at
all depending on your personal settings. Individual privacy settings
for personal information and for each application you choose to allow
at each social network. While Facebook was the first to have outside
applications available on their profile areas, MySpace has stepped up
to bat on the application game and introduced a huge selection.

thought of "Poking" your friends seems so '06 anymore compared to the
Pirates, GreenSpot, MyFarm, or SuperPoke applications users are
crowding to add to their own profile pages today.

For MySpace
users who have switched over to the new CSS 2.0 layouts, to add your
applications to your profile area and show them off on your visitors
page just click the "Profile" drop down to the "Customize Profile"
link, then click the "Applications" button on the left, and highlight
to add which applications you would like to show for your viewers.

both blog social networks, and I call them blog networks because each
has a prominent blogging community, have pronounced and visual updates,
the attractions to both social networks are numerous and wide spread.
Whether you choose to become a MySpacer, Facebooker, or both is
ultimately your decision. Enjoy the ride.

Haile enjoys teaching new people to the Internet how to navigate and
become comfortable with their computers. She is a business owner, wife,
mom, pet lover, blogs and social networks buff, video gamer, and beach
enthusiast who writes, reads, and helps others create a residual income
for financial stability.

Stephanie Haile AKA Wavecritter Google Me

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Blogs and Social Networks Facebook Applications


The Facebook Applications available for you to choose are completely too numerous to mention them all.Β  An application is just a widget (an HTML code that displays an information arrangement changeable by the user) a box containing set information, a game, virtual pet, or other creative coolie πŸ™‚

The first one shown here is one of the newer applications at Facebook, My Farm πŸ™‚ This one will take a bit of diligence in the way of a daily visit to your farm. It is quite a brilliant invention and a great deal of fun coupled with responsibility.


The Green Spot Garden Facebook Application is not “as” demanding of your time as the My Farm Facebook Application but it needs much more attention than most others. Also an addicitive sort of application widget that takes you quietly away from it all while you create your dream garden πŸ™‚ Flowers, garden stones, critters, and “found” treasures as you visit around and help others tend to their garden paradises. Find this Application Widget on MySpace as well.


Yes, when I took this shot, I was a Jedi Mind Tricker SuperPokin’ Facebook Freak! Now, I am a SuperPoke Extreme SuperPoker! πŸ™‚

SuperPoke is a widget Facebook Application that also is offered on MySpace πŸ™‚ One of the easiest to use and to maintain, SuperPoking on MySpace is a one time set up and then SuperPoke whenever the mood strikes you, remember the “captcha boxes” and the individual sends. It takes quite a bit longer to mass SuperPoke on MySpace. On Facebook, SuperPoke on your friends pages as you visit or send a mass SuperPoke to all your friends at once.


I couldn’t really mention the regular SuperPoke without saying a few things about the cutest of virtual pets (choose from a long list like dog, tiger, panda, dragon, penguin, etc.) set play dates with your friends, create as many rooms as you can furnish and afford, and have a blast. Yes, you should check on your pets often, but they will be just fine if you see them even as little as once a week or so.


These are some of the BlogThings Quizzes πŸ™‚ There are a few here! Be sure to make Keri (the BlogThings writer your friend on MySpace) Ohhh… is this a Facebook Application? I didn’t see it at Facebook, yes, I know I called this post Blogs and Social Networks Facebook Applications, but we can’t leave out the BlogThings!




Yes, these are some of my personal answers πŸ™‚ A bit of insight into Wavecritter!

Whatever the applications you discover over at Facebook or MySpace (Mob Wars, Pirates, Networked Blogs, Send Jesus, Top Friends, Owned, Hatching Eggs lol πŸ™‚ So many more … Enjoy the ones you do and try not to get them all, there are just so many you can keep up with πŸ™‚

Blogs and Social Networks

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me πŸ™‚

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