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Free sign up 🙂 Just fill in the forms, Choose your species from Aisha, Quiggle, Lupe, Acara, Peophin, Flotsam, Korbat, Scorchio, Gelert, Ogrin, and more, then choose the starting color of your Neopet (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green).  Decide where your Neopet lives, in the forest, town, river, jungle, etc and then choose what they like to do, how they greet other Neopets, their stats (strength, defense, and movements).

Your sign up gifts may include (this is what Stevie was presented;) 1000 Neopoints, $150 in Neocash, Newbie Pack, and a Players Guide. Purchase Neopet stuff and accessories at the NC Mall (Neo Cash Mall). Click on Inventory to get your Newbie Pack located under Shops.

The Neo Homes have really spruced up, so if you have not visited Neopets in awhile, you will be quite surprised by the updates 🙂

My Account tab gets you to your NeoHome, Neo Friends, redeem codes, edit profile, and creating new Neopets. Be sure to check the Adoption Center first before you create to see if there are any critters in there you would like to take home 🙂 Only create the pets you know you can take good care of so they remain happy and healthy.

Pet Central will get you around with its calendar, daily puzzle, how to draw, Neopets Stats, Contests, and Activities.

Explore the Map of Neopia, Neopedia, and the pronunciation on Neopia verbage at the Explore tab.

The Games tab will take you to key quest, the games room, top rated, high scores, and favorites. Some of the coolest games at Neopets are Peanut Dash, Merca Chase II, Fairy Bubbles, Snow Muncher, Spell or Starve, Destruct-o-Match, Cheat, and Potato Counter, with many, many others and the wheels of Mediocrity and Excitement are fun too 🙂

Boards will let you check out the Neoboard index, preferences, and forums. The news tab brings you to the Neopian Times, new features, merch news, and whats coming soon. The Video tab has Neovision and check out the submitted videos by some of the Neopet members, great stuff 🙂 Link to the Nick arcade (the Nickelodean Studios with Sponge Bob ;). Finally, the NC Mall tab will get you to the shop for Neopets real life items, get Neocash or Neocards here too.

With Neopets, you can join guilds and make Neo Friends and learn in safety how to get going on the Internet. Neopets was one of the first “Kid Specific” Social Networks 🙂 Enjoy,

Stevie and Stephanie Haile aka Blogheiress and Wavecritter Google Me 😉

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