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With Google Labs holding all Google’s Test Programs, I believe that Google is totally focused on perfecting what they have already, rather than spending the bulk of their time getting further into innovation. I see that adding to and enhancing what they do, instead of beginning a separate new project has propelled Google to the top 🙂

This is a very wise standpoint in life for individuals even, to focus on your calling and to be what you are good at. Not staying at the surface with the knowledge of many things, but to hone your talents in one arena and be King of that. Much like Google has become King of the Internet Search Engines.

Google seems called to to do this, they are great at it, very passionate, and they focused on the search, aspects of the search, and what other ideas that work hand in hand, together to enhance the search engine process. Google has many services, all connected to help create and add to their massive search capabilities. Ideas that work alongside the search engine foundation.

While Google Lively was an incredible project, this site was a bit separated and removed from the rest of the mass of services as it did not enhance or flavor the prime focus of the search engine. It was more of a stand alone “new deal”.

Let’s get a visual with this and say I have an intense set of Lego blocks and then I get this equally great set of KNex blocks (while each set is brilliant by itself, working together is a bit difficult, not impossible, but difficult). Having two Lego block sets or two KNex blocks sets will create many clever things, but all working together, built from the same core material, and acting to enhance the whole. Google is staying with the one type of block and focusing it’s energies to relate to (first and foremost) the search engine. To feed the master program with even more relevant terms, perfecting and enhancing it’s service to the Internet.

Google has specific search engines like a blog search, book search, news search, and patent search to assist in the faster location of individuals needs by sifting into categories to weed through the unnecessary items even before the search begins.

Google Groups area allows a space for users to create a site for like minded individuals or to join in discussions with groups already formed. There is literally a group formed on almost every topic imaginable, over a million separate groups for you to meet other group members.

Google Video and YouTube are Google’s video search and hold areas for users to upload, view, and share video entertainment of all types. Again, the specific search engine strictly for video is available through the main site.

Google has even created an area where all users can invent their own search engine! Design which sites are to be searched through your own search engine. This is most handy for organizations, groups, and especially for learning facilities or parents who would like the students to be able to use a proper search engine, but wish to regulate which sites or search terms are able to be located.

There is a Calendar, photos with Picasa, Google Docs for documents and presentations, Google Reader for your blogs and social networks and other sites for bookmarking, and iGoogle to keep your information all together on one site. To access the entire listing of all the services is quite easy, along the top right hand side of the Google site there is a listing of Web, Images, Maps, etc. The last link is “more” with a dropdown menu and another list ending with “even more”. Click on that to visit the entire list of services page. This huge hub page of holds the active services and the testing ideas as well under “Labs”.

Visiting the Google Labs section is quite interesting and a whole lot of fun. This allows it’s visitors to “play” with it’s newest designs before they are released as a set in stone service.

Some of the recent graduates of the Labs are very handy. Suggest is the newest search feature where Google gives suggestions while you type in a search term or keyword in the form of a dropdown as you type into the search bar. This addition gives you a shortcut to longer search terms and also may expand on your original ideas to take you where you need to be faster.

Google Transit is another recent graduate of the Labs to allow users to become much more acquainted with the public transportation in their cities and areas. Many people would like to use the public systems in the towns and have no idea where to begin. Transit is your answer.

GOOG411 is Google’s over the phone search for local businesses. Yet another free service to search for businesses in your area, but this time through the phone lines.

Chrome has been release from the Labs earlier than expected and is Google’s Browser extraordinaire. A free browser for Windows Vista/XP SP2. Chrome is a browser that combines a very simple design paired with Google technology to make the web safer, faster, and easier with an all in one box system. The instructional videos here on the Chrome page will get you ready in no time and gain you a thorough understanding of the newest service, the Chrome web browser.

From the Blogger updates of import and export abilities along with the future posting and newest additions of Reactions and other Google gadgets, to the management of your health files all in one place with Google Health, I would be surprised if you were searching for holding, filing, searching, or collection answers, that one of Google’s Services would not complete the puzzle for you.

Blogs and Social Networks Google Services

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me 🙂

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Wavecritter’s Vacation :)

Hiya everyone 🙂 I have been vacationing on the island. I have been sorting through the multiple blogs, social networks, radio shows, and other sites I have spending time on and have whittled the list down to my very favorites as to focus on the ones I can better manage. I absolutely love to post on different Blogs and Social Networks and enjoy doing reviews on these sites 🙂 I also enjoy Video Games and Gaming, with a few favorites and am currently working on a few very cool sites along these lines.

Here is a list of the sites I am going to focus on. Unfortunately, I cannot keep working the crazy hours I have been ( I would be surprised if anyone could for more than one and a half to two years straight lol :). So, I have whittled and weaned and decided on the following sites: Video Games and Gaming Online radio Blogs and Social Networks Online radio Our WordPress Blog on Video Games and Gaming Blogs and Social Networks reviews Blogger Blog on Video Games and Gaming WordPress Blogs and Social Networks Site Our Video Games and Gaming Wetpaint Wiki, A Work In Progress Our Blog Reviews Wetpaint Wiki, Work in Progress Blogger Blogs and Social Networks Site Loaded with Internet Network Marketing Information My Virtual Marketing Wetpaint Wiki Loaded with Internet Marketing Info Who Are The members of My VM Team?
Social Network Marketing Information and Tips Work in Progress and A Surprise Site 🙂

Blog Nut Social Network An Awesome, Huge, Social Network for Business Owners and Some Nutty Fun with Time Saver Tools:)

Club Green Social Network
Go Green and Save the Planet

Santa Live Now Social Network Santa Claus Has A Ning!

Christmas Emporium Social Network Fun Christmas Ning

MySpace Wavecritter Check Out My Space 🙂

Zimbio Wiki Social Network Zimbio Wikis Abound, Be Sure to Get Your Posts and Articles Submitted to Your Wikis or Others

Utterli Social Network Utterli, formerly Utterz, is a Pod Casters Dream 🙂

Flckr Photo Social Network Photos and Screen Shots Every Where

MyBlogLog Yahoos Blogger Social Network This is a Must For All Blogs and Social Networks Lovers

So, catch me at any of these sites above (the very best place to leave a message for me is MyVMTeam's, GenericMLM's, or SocialNetworkMarketing's wiki sites:)

Let me tell you a bit about my venture and vacation over the past four weeks 🙂

This is one of the coolest places I have ever been with a couple of large towns surrounded by various smaller ones. The people of this community are the absolute best and interaction with them is always a joy. There is always something new and exciting happening so be sure not to blink 🙂

Visiting the various landscapes of the island is an adventure in itself. On one side of the island are lush forested landscapes and farther to the east are desert lands, some sprinkled with palm trees and beautiful water features. Areas so vast that you may not come across another person for long stretches of time and towns packed to the gills, where you interact and make countless friends.

With so much to keep you busy, there is never a dull moment. If you enjoy some great fishing spots, this is the place for you. Ready areas to cook them up are available for your pleasure and experience as well. I become an expert in one of the activities they have to offer having fun and gaining experience along the way. Parties and groups get together regularly to travel into charted and uncharted territories. Get points with the island owners by ridding the towns of unwanted visitors and enemies using your gifted skills. A most relaxing and fulfilling vacation spot.

The towns are equipped for travelers from across the globe with banks, vendors for countless items, transportation, and food. The weather is always beautiful on the island as it hasn't rained in some time, seemingly never 🙂 Always a friendly experience with helpful characters and visitors.

So…where am I talking about? Hmmmm….what is this island and where is it located? The Caribbean? Off Key West's Coast or Florida's East Coast?…

Nope 🙂 Come and visit Woodly, Wavecritter or Wyverex and give us a wave (type in /wave) to say hello 🙂

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Wavecritter Google Language Tools

Wavecritter Google Language Tools

Google Language Tools and Yahoo Babel Fish Translators

Google Me Language Tools

GOOGLE LANGUAGE TOOLS - My VM Team Virtual Marketing Team

Googles Language Tools Site is yet another handy site of Googles for the World Wide Web to use :)

a search phrase in your own language to easily find pages in another
language. We’ll translate the results for you to read.” Thats it, super
easy. My friend Hank Dunckel just said he spoke with a French speaking
man for over an hour using this. Hank doesn’t speak a word of French
and the other man does not speak English, no worries :)

Yahoo Babel Fish

Yahoo Babel Fish

Yahoo Babel Fish comes complete with translator tips:

Translation Tips:

Tips 1:

Use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation for the highest quality translations.

Tips 2:

you’ve translated some text, click the button marked “Search the web
with this text” in order to launch a search using the translation
results as your query.

Tips 3:

Compare a translated web page with the original by clicking “View page in its original language.”

Both Yahoo Babel Fish and Googles Language Tools Sites are completely free to use :) Thank you to both sites from Blogs and Social Networks everywhere!

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me :)

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Sparkle Tags Blogs and Social Networks Layouts and Graphics

Sparkle Tags

Sparkle Tags

If you are looking for some unique, very cool HTML comments and graphics, Sparkle Tags will have just that. An outstanding choice of Military comments, generators, backgrounds, music skins, contact tables, and network banners along with Sparkle Tags videos and a host of great layouts. The fluttering butterfly graphics are very nice and hands down a winner. Sparkle Tags is also quite compatible with the Ning blog social networks, Hi 5, MySpace, Live Journal, and Friendster. They also have a free download toolbar for hot news, top links, online radio, fun gadgets, and a Google Search.

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me 🙂

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Blogs and Social Networks FreeWebs

FreeWebs Wavecritter

FreeWebs Wavecritter

Have you checked into yet? Here you can set yourself up the coolest of webpages, inclusive are capture page forms and more:

The set up may take a little bit of a learning time to figure out, but then again, you could be getting busy with this site right away! I have found that some need the learning curve and some get started almost immediately 🙂

Kudos to FreeWebs and its site!

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me

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