Blogs and Social Networks Christmas Blog Coolies

Blogs and Social Networks Christmas Blog Coolies

We found some super Christmas Blog sites out there (quite a few here at Googles Blogspot 🙂 and we wanted to let you know what you can find at some of the great Christmas blog sites.

The first site to mention isn’t a “Christmas blog” in itself, but they have an outstanding post on 10 Fantastic Christmas Inspired Tutorials that we thought very cool 🙂

MyInkBlog has a post of tutorial links for you to create your own Christmas Wallpaper, Creative Christmas cards, Christmas Greetings Postcards, Illustrations, Glittery Postcards, a tutorial link for drawing Christmas Trees, Santa Hats, Ornament Balls, and Christmas Backgrounds. Make hand designed Christmas cards for your friends and family with this handy link guide to some great tutorials.

The is a blog for Students and Teachers of Spanish. The Spanish Christmas calendar is more than worth the trip 🙂 Here is but one of the interesting facts held in this site: “In Spain, it’s January 6th that children receive their presents left by the Three kings (Los, Reyes, and Magos) rather than Father Christmas or Santa Claus.” Nativity scenes are widely used in Spain and often brilliant in design. is really a 2007 Christmas blog site but very informative. With posts on How to Say Merry Christmas in different languages, Christmas Prayers, and a link to the GatewayToJesus (which houses some incredible Christmas Blog Stories. Link to that has a great representation of the Christmas Story with an awesome graphic image to go with this post. is a Christmas Blog Site full of Christmas History, Traditions, Wallpapers, Games, Lyrics, and much more. The Christmas History includes the First Christmas Card, Christmas at the White House, Chronology of American Christmas, and History of the Ornament. Here is a bit of this history here: In Germany, some people hide a pickle shaped ornament very well in the tree (hidden last) on Christmas morning whomever is the first child to spot this pickle gets an extra surprise gift! “Cozy up to the fire as a Christmas obsessed music collector chats about new CD’s to his collection, the Christmas music via the web. If you are into Christmas music, take a visit to ChristmasYuleBlog. is loaded with Christmas coolness, of course write a letter to Santa or send Rudolph a letter from your pet 🙂 Christmas Trivia, Vote for who will guide Santa’s Sleigh, Christmas printable color pages, Links for Teen and Kids Hot Lines and Help Lines and lots lots more. The Santa Claus Christmas blog section of this site offer up to the minute Christmas News on what Santa is up to 🙂 has a nice listing of Christmas Party Gameswith Christmas News, Recipes, ECards, Christmas info, Traditions, News and Recipes 🙂

The Christmas Blog @ has an awesome Christmas webcam for a brilliant Christmas Light display. for a Christmas Preparation Blog straight from London, England. Also find Christmas Flash Animations, Christmas Music, Decorations, Events, Parties, and much more in and around England. to take your blog to the next level with the Festive Toolbar to decorate your Blog for Christmas. A list of Christmas Blog templates for WordPress, Blogger, and some great CSS templates too. Holiday Icons from N-Design Studio as well here, Festive Java Scripts and Effects, and a list of other resources for Christmas layouts, graphics, and effects.

The Christmas Wreath Blog at is a blog all about Christmas Wreaths and other Christmas Traditions. Information on creating a real holiday wreath with branches and other nature items and making a bird wreath to feed the birds. with periodic updates from the North Pole here where you still have time to make a Christmas wish or Stay Tuned to Track Santa and log your own Santa Sightings here 🙂 A Q and A (question and answer session) for personal questions and answers that Santa gave about himself! Neato! with Christmas decorating tips, News, Trends, and Gifts. The highlight for me was the Snow picture of New Orleans at Santas Quarters, Why We Hang Christmas Ornaments, A Printable Santas Elf card for your little elves :), Christmas Coloring Pages, Christmas Around the World, and the History of the Christmas Tree. and ChristmasEmporium.ning .com are what I refer to as “Blog Social Networks” 🙂 Blog Social Networks attract bloggers who enjoy the socialization at a Social Network. These particular two Christmas Blog Social Networks attract Christmas enthusiasts from near and far. For a mass collection of blog posts, great games, recipes, people and fun visit Santa Live Now and Christmas Emporium Nings today 🙂


May God Bless you so that you can then Bless others! Merry Christmas  🙂

Listen Into Blogs and Social Networks Christmas Blog Site Coolies for more 🙂

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