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Here is an example of some of the creations Stevie made:


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Our Blogs and Social Networks Photo Persuasion show has some great info for people needing to “adjust, tweak, fluff, dress up, sparkle out, resize, and/or change the formats” of your photo images. Add descriptions, keywords, even “tag” to add a live hyperlink to sections of your pictures.

Some of sites we discussed included my top 3 🙂

Photobucket: One of the very best “all inclusive” photo sites

Slide: Is the bomb! 🙂 Rocks for sure, more info on show 🙂

Flickr: One of the biggest Photo sharing, holding, and friending sites on the Internet.

PiccyFix: Top Photo site for format changes with much more.

Picnik: Tab Folders and Grass Picnik Welcomes You to Sign up for Free

SoSauce: Travel Geeks Global Curiosity Local Expertise

MyThemeAnimator @ A link from MyTheme to the editor pages but MyTheme also has some awesome MySpace Layouts and Graphics.

FlauntR: From FotoDesk Professional Photo Editing Easy and Free

PhixR: The Online Photo Editor Choose to Sign Up for Free (only takes 15 seconds) No email hassles 🙂

We cover in depth what you can do where on the show 🙂

But for sure is the place I go for format changes from PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP. No registration here at PiccyFix, Instant and Free. You can choose to host your pics here or show them off in the gallery and PiccyFix can adjust your photos much more than just format changes 🙂

Resize, Rotate, Flip, Colorize, Crop, Tint, Adjust Brightness, Contrast, and Add Effects and Borders at PiccyFix 🙂

Listen into Blogs and Social Networks Photo Persuasion for more 🙂

Stevie and Stephanie Haile aka Blogheiress and Wavecritter Google Us 🙂

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