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Kid specific social networks are a much safer way for the younger crowd to learn about social networks, Internet interaction, and becoming more comfortable with navigating the net.

An awesome kid specific browser (like the Firefox and Internet Explorer browser but safety set up for children) is Kidzui. Free to download and content is reviewed by parents and teachers so your kids can surf independently, learning by trial and doing without so much parent supervision giving them a feeling of self assuredness.

Parents can stay in touch with their kids activities by weekly emails and online reports.

Spine World

Spine World

Captain Hadley welcomes you to CloudSpire after you have “flown in” and got your icon 3D character set to go. There are tips and help all the way so getting around is no problem here. A clever cloud enhanced 3D town Virtual World chatting bubbles at its finest and safe for kids as there are monitors and a parents area.

Click on the map in the lower right hand corner of your screen to get a large view understanding of where CloudSpire is and see just how great and grand Spine World is.

Becoming a Spine World Citizen with an upgrade allows you more freedoms in Spine World. Full access to locked areas and secret shops 🙂 All quests are available to the upgraded citizens, special clothes, the whisper chat feature, and friends list are also available to citizens for only $7.95 a month (this is the price I saw when I visited;). You can try it out for free and see what you think 🙂

Get your own apartment in the Sky Tower area and with the coolest of quests going on will get you comfortable playing and navigating around the towns.

Finding Salvador Bungos Lucky Charm is one of the quests as soon as you walk into the Cloud Garden. When you discover the Lucky Charm, speak to Salvador Bungos again for more quests to Cloud Plaza, the Den, and the Aqualounge.

I wasn’t aware of Spine World until I took a visit to  This site allows for you to set up and create your own home page. Playdo loves Christmas and has an area set up for cool info on Christams Around The world with the Birth of Jesus story and more. Also complete with a halloween section. Create your very own 3D Christmas Tree here at Playdo “) All set up how you want, blinking or static lights, garland, balls, candy canes, music, and more.

More Kid Social Networks To Come…

Stevie and Stephanie Haile aka Blogheiress and Wavecritter Google Us 😉

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