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From Googles specific searches like the Blog search, Patent search, News search, Products search, Scholar search to find scholarly papers, Image search,  Music, Maps, Finance, and Book search to an even more honed in Custom Search that you can design to fit your specific needs, Google has the search engine side of the Internet quite covered 🙂

Google also has a Google Groups for you to set up or join any group on any given topic. There is Google Video and YouTube for all of your video viewing categories and needs. Google Transit is a newer service that gets you around with Public Transportation! If you don’t know a thing about Public Transportation in your area but would like to start using it, begin with Google Transit 🙂

One of the very newest innovations of Google is the Google Moderator (you may not have even noticed this as it is so streamline)  Collaborative Q and A for group events, vote on questions and post suggestions of your own. Here you can ask a Google Engineer, World Leader, your Government, or a Google Moderator. The use of this service by Google users will help improve Google Moderator as it has not yet graduated to completeness from the Google labs 🙂

GOOG411 is a search for local businesses from any phone, for free using your voice 🙂 1-800-GOOG-411

Google Labs is Googles Technology Playground 🙂 The ideas that remain here aren’t quite ready for prime time like Google Talk Labs Edition are set in the Google labs area for Google users to view and check things out before they are released as a complete Google Service. You can download the new Google Talk Labs Edition and the new features of this are the desktop notifications from GMail, Calendar, and Orkut (Googles Social Network). There seems to always be something new and cool going on in the Google Labs so stop by often 🙂

Some companies are known for their surface knowledge of many things instead of molding what they know into perfection. Even individuals wish to delve into and become involved in multiple exciting things at once. A “Jack of All Trades” instead of “King of One”.  While it is an inert human drive to want to experiment and discover or dabble in various interests, inevitably, one major calling should prevail.

If the calling is a positive addition, there is a passion for it, and the individual or entity is actually good at it or can preform the task well, then this could be considered a calling.

Google seems to know this reality and wants to keep their calling and remain “King of One”, the search engines, and not be known as a dabbler of much. Individuals can take the wisdom of Google and apply it to their lives as well. Becoming a King (or Queen) of one thing, focus on their best, instead of being Jack or Page of many.

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Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me 🙂

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