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Watch Movies, Tell Friends! Thats Flixsters motto 🙂 But, you can also take polls, rate movies and have loads of fun. Rating and commenting or reviewing the latest or classic films, making Movie friends, theres even a Flixster Wiki and forum set up for you on the site. With the new and cool features as of September 9th 2008 and the forever cool Neverending Movie Quiz, not to mention that you can watch Movies, TV Shows, or Videos right from the Flixster site 🙂 Movies on demand from iTunes, try to be one of the first 20 people each day to click and win at 12pm pacific or 3pm eastern time.

Flixster has a Movie Night planner tool for Movies that you want to watch. Find others who like the same kinds of Movies you do, and see what new ones they are watching. It may just be they will lead yout to new and exciting selections 🙂

Flixster also has user created quizes and polls, personality tests, and the Neverending Movie Quiz! Explore Movies, Actors, Actresses, Video, and News. Get the latest, newest Movies out on DVD and in Theatres.

It’s easy to make some great friends over at Flixster. Choose and change your skin to match your mood or the season with a click of the button. Watch Movies, Tell Friends at Flixster 🙂

Flixster Wavecritter

Flixster Wavecritter

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me 😉

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