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Generic MLM – Windows Movie Maker How To

By Stephanie Haile Google Me 😉

Windows Movie Maker is free and free is a marketers dream when advertising is taken into account. Chances are very good this is already on your computer, waiting for you to open it up. Generic MLM free advertising methods include online video, but if you are Movie Making challenged here are some steps. Click on your Start menu and check for Windows Movie Maker. After you locate it, open up Windows Movie Maker.

You will need a camera system installed on your computer to create a moving video or live video, but if you do not have a camera, you can still create a video. It is a frame video with a talk over or narration. These are the types of how to videos I have made and enjoy watching and learning from others.

With Windows Movie Maker, take time to view and get used to the navigation screen. Look down the list of capture, edit, finish, and movie making tips. Under the capture video tab on the left, if you have a camera you would click on capture from device, if not just import pictures and audio.

You will either have a collection of pictures or your newly created video on your list area, drag the images or video down to the bar at the bottom, in the order you would like them fall. Adding audio to this bar along the bottom is completed the same way.

Video effects and transitions are added after you have everything dragged that you would like in your storyboard bar along the bottom. Clicking the word storyboard at the bottom will change it to the timeline version. To use the effects or transitions, do it from the timeline. The effects go into the box in the lower left hand corner of each image there. The transitions get placed between the images, in the larger boxes between images.

All along the way. you can view your progress in the video box on the main page to the right. A good tip here is to set the order up, get your video images or videos in order along the bottom storyboard bar. Before you add transitions or effects, look to the upper left hand corner of your screen and click file and save as. Name the file and save. This is because at times, Windows Movie Maker can run slow and all of your hard work will be lost and you will need to start from scratch if you forget this step.

Next step is to edit and add your transitions and effects if you choose. This does make the upload and save times for your computer and for YouTube longer, so keep this in mind.

Add some audio now, either music or create a narration by clicking on the microphone near the lower bottom left side. Click along the storyboard bar where you wish the narration to begin, make sure you are not over an audio already placed as the start narration button will not show up if you do. Complete the narration by stopping narration and clicking done. This will materialize in your storyboard bar. Review your video at this point and possibly save from the file tab again.

When you are happy with your video, click save to computer. This is the file you will use to upload to sites like Youtube, not the saved one from the file menu.

I am looking forward to viewing many great Windows Movie Maker Videos on the net advertising your Generic MLM business opportunities, brick and mortar businesses, and online services. Have fun because fun is truly the best thing to have. Remember happiness isn’t real if it’s not shared.


  1. MLR replied:

    Have you been able to create DVD’s to playback on DVD players?


  2. goodgirl replied:

    thank you for your useful resource

    when I use WMM for creating wonderful memories, I dont drag all the images all at once and then edit them after…what I do is put on the music first, then as I put images and effects, i see to it that there is a timing and grace—

    Its fun discovering and learning WMM ! I learned it on my own ! i encourage everyone who haven’t tried it to go on and explore

    practice makes perfect!



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