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Market This! Gaining Attention To Your Business

Gaining attention to your business, actually gaining the right attention is the plan.

You have spent your whole life either finding ways to get noticed yourself or watching others figure ways. What kind of attention do you draw as an individual and what sorts of attention do others draw to them that you have witnessed? Marilyn Monroe commanded attention but possibly not the type of attention you would like with your home business, possibly, and if so, study how she attracted this attention and attempt duplication. Harrison Ford gained his attention by perseverance and kept it with his excellent acting abilities. Babe Ruth was attraction all his own. Not only was he an incredible ball player, but he was also outspoken which drew even more attention. Snoopy was a Dolly Madison cakes figure head in the television commercials and his attraction was colorful and happy.

You can choose to market in any style, using multiple mediums, and inspiring different emotions to your potential customers. I have seen the use of negative sales tactics used entirely too much. The ones like “I can’t believe you haven’t joined this yet, Are You Stupid!” or “How serious a marketer are you really? Only serious marketers use ‘THIS'”. I have heard reports that these tactics actually work in the short term for one time sales, but are you chasing one time sales? If you are, then this may work for you. You might also use the highly rated “sexy” marketing techniques if your particular business can be portrayed in that slant. A health and wellness company could possibly as there are usually weight loss products included in the list of items for sale. An excellent example of a well known “sexy” commercial on television is the “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” commercial

with Fabio. Butter isn’t inherently sexy, but the commercial uses the style it well. The loud, boisterous attraction also works more for the short term in general, but if you keep it loudly fresh, changing the advertising by tweaking it instead of complete changes, this may continue to show results for many months in a row. “Where’s The Beef” is one commercial that comes to mind here.

There is the sophistication edge of marketing that highlights prestige in ownership of a particular product or service. “The Elite Own a Lexus … Are You Elite?” or the very well known commercial for Obsession by Calvin Kline uses both sexy style and sophistication.

Happy cartoony marketing is also a receptive option for a marketing style for a diverse amount of business types. Caricatures, stick figures, and cartoons are just plain fun. They remind adults about their own children or remind them of being a child themselves provoking warm, carefree memories and emotions. Geico has this style nailed with their Gecko lizard.

The “Harrison Ford” style of marketing is my personal favorite and a definite must for the long term marketer. Perseverance with a great back up of delivering excellence. This is the answer for a main stream long term marketer mixed with sprinklings of happy, cartoony marketing, sophistication marketing, loud marketing, and sexy marketing (if it applies).

This perseverance marketing style is not a “flash in the pan” sparkly style by itself. Adding your personality to this style of marketing gives it the unique cleverness and difference that equates in attraction to your business itself. Set your style to work with your personality and your business. Think for yourself certainly. Letting others dictate what you market and how you market will portray

A business, not Your business. Listening to the media reports on the slumping markets and taking them to heart will also slump your business drive and change your perceptions. Focus your time on your success goals for your business and choose how you react to external forces hammering in that your marketing style is wrong if you believe it to be right. Letting others dictate for you does give you an easy out and allows those others to be blamed when failure happens, but better to be in the drivers seat and adjust your own steering.

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me 😉

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Internet Marketers The Idea Marketers


In my travels across the this World Wide Web, I have come up with another, maybe more explanatory name for Internet Marketers. The Idea Marketer is a much more fitting term for the brilliance that comes out of Internet Marketers.

Creation, artistry, and illusion are but a few of the wonders and mystique that surround this fascinating occupation. These listed and the powerful personalities that reflect this awesome fireworks display are the reason for the draw, the curiosity, and the excitement.

Sometimes in my work, I get very amused. Don’t you enjoy watching an interesting situation being played out right in plain view, when the players have forgotten that people see what they are doing? They get so busy maybe, that they forget they could be witnessed acting silly, working hard, or trying to keep things secret.

Generally speaking, life on the Internet is sometimes silly, almost always working hard, and try as some may, nothing is ever a secret for long.

The whole premise of Internet Marketers is to reach out to new and interesting people, see places we can’t get to readily, and to create wonderful, explosive artwork, sites, and ideas. But certainly, not to remain hidden, especially from our other Internet Marketing friends.

Internet Marketers by definition, are on the Internet, and usually for many hours a day. It can, at times, seem that you work alone. That it is just you in a room with your machine, the personal computer. With every keystroke, website, and photo we post, upload, or submit into the vast reaches of Internet space, those with a pc of their own, then know what you are doing, when you are doing it, and generally have a guess as to how many hours a day you spend doing it.

Underestimation of your peers in any business situation is more than likely an unwise choice. Get involved with your online friends and business partners. Let them know what you are doing, when it is working for you, and share something as you go. Leaving your friends in the dark will only darken your friendships. This is the biggest and most powerful business that by actually helping your team, business partners, and friends with your knowledge, will actually end up benefitting you as well.

The days of telling half instructions and leaving out some critical details, non or partial training are over. The quick change of the Internet also means the quick changes in strategy, marketing or otherwise, and without keeping your team, business partners, how about let’s refer to them as what they are, friends informed and on top of their game, I fear maybe the “branding” of Internet Marketers may not be as favorable as “artist” for very long.

Stephanie Haile

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