An Analogy On Trees

An Analogy On Trees I think a bit of thought will help you get creative in your blogs and social networks…..

“I think that I should never see…” by Joyce Kilmer. One of the most quoted and best loved verses about the staple of nature, trees.’Tree’ can be an abstract term, analogy, or metaphor, giving ‘tree’ a situational existence such as a genealogy or sequence of events. Or, a ‘tree’ can be a singular unit such as a leader, organization, or building. Even still, a ‘tree’ could just be a tree, standing tall, waving in the breeze, limbs and leaves, bark and branches with roots extending into the earth beyond our vision. (more…)

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"I think that I should never see…"  by Joyce Kilmer. One of the most quoted and best loved verses about the staple of nature, trees.
'Tree' can be an abstract term, analogy, or metaphor, giving 'tree' a situational existence such as a genealogy or sequence of events. Or, a 'tree' can be a singular unit such as a leader, organization, or building. Even still, a 'tree' could just be a tree, standing tall, waving in the breeze, limbs and leaves, bark and branches with roots extending into the earth beyond our vision. A home and shelter, an oxygen resource for the planet, a source of food, and stability for the soil.
Whether a 'tree' is a tree to you, a family member, group affiliate, or cornerstone of the community, a 'tree' will always symbolize life, power, flexibility, and greatness.
A 'tree' has the status of authority, creation, and existence. Trees are stationary, yet they grow and flourish or wither and die.
Environment matters.  A seed may fall below the large canopy of it's parent tree and struggle to grow. Maybe the seed gets carried far away to a foreign soil by a passing bird. A tree's beginnings may have set a boundary for the tree, but the one's that survive and excel seem to become the largest, most brilliant one's to view.
The wind, weather, soil, and amount of precipitation all have an effect on growth patterns for the tree. Tree's must adapt to the conditions around them, readjust to flourish, accept their surroundings and circumstances, and live fully or age weakly, slowly, and fail to contribute to the environment effectively.
A 'tree' is such an enigma and statement, an analogy, a concrete monument for reflective moments. The 'tree' that each person sees in their own mind, soul, and visions, epitomizes their feelings on many topics, their wishes and realities.
Trees need water for them to grow. They need to be pruned and treated with respect. They need nourishment, love, and attention. Dignity is the structure, stability is the key. Self awareness and adaptability are the driving forces to attain the heights.
Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter

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Vox Hunt: Word Up

Show us your favorite word, sentence or quote.

Creativity is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift to God.

-Bob Moawad

This one is quite inspiring. Wavecritter aka Stephanie Haile


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Generic MLM How To’s

Are you wanting to learn the easy steps to success in an MLM business opportunity? Keep it simple, and just do something to get your website out in front of people.

There are so many choices in the network marketing and multi level marketing business, so please choose the right "fit" for you. This is the most important step. Take your time and read about the companies out there. If there are free trials so you can "try it before you commit" . Those opportunities let you see how they will work for you before you actually commit to doing that business.

Look for a company that has a vested interest in helping you in the beginning and getting you started and growing. A pay forward company that everyone who IS successful helps the new business owners BECOME successful. There are many choices but few MLM's that actually Do this, so do your research.

Now, you will put the blinders on to all the other opportunities because you have chosen. Choose and put your focus into it, even if it is a free trial to decide. Set it in stone and Focus, Focus, Focus! The grass can and will be greener where you are, Not next door!

Step one is to obtain a personal web address. Type in a search engine and you will find many companies that will host a webpage or just redirect your domain name to you business site. You want to choose an easy to remember, catchy site name. How catchy is Ebay or Google? Brilliant, isn't it. Step two is after you find an awesome, easy to remember, catchy website URL. You then need to successfully market this site and bring viewers and traffic to this site.

Step three is to find ways that work for you to market your site. My way may not be as effective for you. Fred, down the street may be using one thing and it does not work for me. Harriet has this awesome thing that is creating mass numbers to her site and you try it and you only get two people a week come and see your site. Find your ways by trying mine, Fred's, and Harriet's ways.

I have been collecting some of Fred and Harriet's and my ways. One is with e-zine advertising. Finding e-zines is as easy as a web search. Type in ezines. Then look for the ones that offer inexpensive advertising in their newsletters. They all work for somebody or the ads would not be there. Choose the ezines that you are interested in. You are in this business and are interested in health, dogs, plants, homes, tools, woodworking, etc. The people that read these ezines might also be interested in your business opportunity.

Reply to all of your personal bulk mail or spam with a short "I am currently busy with this awesome opportunity right now." Then add your link to your e-mail signature file.

Post a blog. Again use your search engine to look for places to post a blog. You can learn all about these on the actual blog sites. All the information is there and it is free knowledge and a free advertising tool.

Buy some leads from a lead vendor. Be careful to research your vendor and check the results of their leads. Most are posted on the vendor sites.

Get a sign or a bumper sticker for your vehicle. Everyone will see it everywhere you drive. They will read your personal website name. This is why your website name needs to be easy to remember, a one time read, and something they will never forget!

There are free business cards and low price T-Shirts available online to put your website URL on. You can be an advertisement everywhere you go. Hand out your cards, put them up on cork boards at laundry mats, colleges, stores and gas stations. You can create an empire with these tools alone.

Word of mouth advertising is indeed as powerful as ever. The t-shirts are a great conversation starter.

Step four is really the step before number one. Pray for knowledge and strength to get you through it all.

Step five is the awareness that you are creating a business that directly involves other people and their businesses. You teach them what you know and if you don't know you commit to finding out. Reach out and help those that found you. This is the key to great success. If you want to build a house, you have to be aware that it starts with a foundation and THEN move to step two. If you want to build an online empire you must know the steps to get to the top. You must help others and teach them how to get to the top.

Step six, be sure to set your goals and figure out "WHY" you want to get to your success driven goals. Do you want more time with your family? How about financial freedom? Is it that you need the means to help others? Would you like a house, car, or boat? Will extra income help you with a college degree? Do you want to see the world? Start a charity or be able to effect another one because now you have the means to effect it positively? How about helping your parents live more comfortably?

Step seven is knowing what steps are necessary to get there. If you want anything, you have to know what steps it takes to get there. Even if you want to eat, you have to know that you need to get into the car, drive to the store, and trade money for groceries. Study your business opportunity and learn the steps so you can teach others.

Step eight is BELIEVE, BELIEVE, BELIEVE. Believe that you will meet the people you are supposed to that will help you create success. You will need help early on and then you can help others as you gain success levels

Do not listen to anyone trying to take away your dreams. Here is an awesome short little story about crabs in a bucket:If you put one crab in a bucket, he will get out by flinging his arm over the top and then pulling himself out. No worries here. But, if you put more than one crab in that bucket, the one that wants to get out will flip his arm over, but the other crabs will grab hold and pull him back in with them.

See it as already being done. Write it as if you already achieved your goals. Speak it as if it already IS. Don't ever let the speed bumps of life stop you from reaching your goals. Here is another short story:A man was stranded on a desert island. He spent three days building a shelter out of palm trees and whatever else he could find. The day after his shelter was complete, he took a walk to the far side of the island to get more food and water. It started to storm. He began to run to get back to his hut quickly. He started dropping his food and spilling his water as he hurried faster. As he approached the clearing where his hut was located, a powerful lightning bolt ripped out of the sky and struck his make-shift home. He froze staring at the flames roaring up and engulfing his safety. He had dropped most of his food and spilled all of the water. Falling to his knees on the sand, he sobbed and cried out to GOD saying "Why?" So devastated and in such despair, he lay on the beach sobbing and fell asleep hungry, with no safety shelter. The sun and cool island breeze woke him from his terrible night. Looking out past his burned home, he saw a ship moored off the bay. Within an hour a small boat with a captain and crew slid onto shore. As they disembarked, the captain said "Ho there! We saw your smoke signal and came to help."Everything works for a reason to get you to your goals.

You already have the struggles in your life to reach the goals that you set for yourself. Life happens. Leave the negative luggage behind as you walk forward. Fear is just False Evidence Appearing Real. Belief is you tool against adversity and challenge. See the good in everything.When you look at a coin, is it heads side up or tails? Stress comes from resisting things that are, that you cannot change for today. Accept the things that you cannot immediatey change, work towards changing them. Life will respond to your thoughts and actions. Don't resist. What you resist, persists.

ie) Fred and Harriet are fictional characters.


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