Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

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Blogs and Social Networks Social Bookmark Sites

We discussed many of the top Social Bookmark Sites on our Blogs and Social Networks Show Social Bookmarking Sites but here are some details about a scattered few of these Social Bookmark Sites 🙂


Bloglines.com tracks your favorite news, blogs, weather, and classifieds so you don’t have to 🙂 Beta Bloglines: Read Save Share, All In One Place! And get your favorite web sites and blog articles delivered to you. Available anywhere PC, Mac, Cell Phones, and IPhones. Check out the Bloglines top 1000 which is your guide to the most popular feeds. The Beta Bloglines is cool because you can drag whichever feeds you want on “My Start Page” , whatever you choose to be prominent. Like Google Reader, Bloglines is more for you. But also similar is that Google Readers feed lists can also be shared and viewed by others simply by clicking the share button and/or using their cool Reader Widget that you can place on your personal blogs and sites (which also adds to the fresh content on your blog 😉 and Bloglines sharing factor is a link like this one for others to see your personal Bloglines info:



Newsvine.com is a different sort of Social Bookmark Site. Newsvine really focuses on Headline, interesting “right now” news and articles. Find something great to post to Newsvine via their free to use toolbar button. Like StumbleUpon, these sites concentrate more on individual posts, news and articles, not necessarily ones you wrote 🙂 Only found to include here in the mixx of Newsvine. So while you surf about and find the newest, most interesting articles, posts, and news stories, you can post them to your Newsvine page. If you are the first to post a particular story, you get to write a small description and get featured as the first to find this story 🙂 Both Newsvine and Stumble Upon are similar in this.

Digg usually houses an online on the site button to Digg a story rather than having a toolbar button.

At Newsvine, Stumble Upon, and Digg  friending is allowed, rather required at Digg though. Without friends at Digg who then Digg what you input into Digg, you are kind of left without many Digging your stuff 🙂 So keep that in mind.

Now, don’t forget if you are ever having trouble posting content to your blogs, whether they be a journal, a blog on a social network, or a seperate blog site like Live Journal, Blogger, WordPress, Podbean, or Vox, Why not make a post about your chosen social bookmarking sites? Why you use them and what they have to offer.


More Social Bookmarking sites to come 🙂

Blogs and Social Networks

Stevie and Stephanie Haile aka Blogheiress and Wavecritter Google Us 🙂

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Wavecritter Claim ID Neato

Have you been using Claim ID? Or have you seen it yet? Neato site hands down. Did you know that when you list all of your blogs with Claim Id, that you can easily, readily, and hyper quickly find them in Sphere, Ice Rocket, Internet Archive, Technorati, Cloudicious, Delicious, and Google! AND… Alexia? Holy Cow this is a unique and quite useful site 🙂

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me

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Xat Chat Free Chat Rooms


Check this out! Neato "5 million people to chat to! xat.com is a fun social networking site with the coolest online chat
box. Make friends, join a group, run your own chat – 10,000s online
now." Find out more at Xat 🙂 Put a Xat Chat on your Vox 🙂 I did … http://xat.com/

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me

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What is a blog or social network really?


What is a blog or social network really? What are
they for? Since the dawn of the information age has come to blossom, the
Internet world has blossomed as well.

The connectability and reaching out for new and
unique social settings and situations have spawned an influx of interesting and
viable resources for information sharing and socialization. The social network
scenario has come to a momentous explosion, with every viable type of interest,
hobby, business, and group represented. The socialization and searchability of
the Internet, (thanks in a major way to Google) has become fun, entertaining,
informative, and interactive.
People from every walk of life are exchanging
knowledge and information. They are having fun in the process with the different
forums for social networking. The games, chats, groups, networks, and topics are
The definition of a blog is really just an online
diary of sorts, a shared journal of whatever the author finds interesting and
worthy of sharing. The postings usually sit in chronological order or reverse
chronological order. Typically updated daily or weekly, the blog entries reflect
a particular topic, the personality of the author, and possibly what they are
passionate about.
A blog is a social network in itself, maybe far
removed from your contacts more so than a static website oriented toward a group
gathering, but still a social network of blogs and bloggers in
Now, a social network includes sometimes a sub set
of blogs, hosted on the social network site, blogger groups, and then a variety
of other groups, networks, people, topics, graphics, profiles, and
A Social Network is defined as any website that
allows multiple users to publish content themselves. The information may be on
any subject and seen by potential friends, mates, group members, employers, or
Creation of your profile at various social network
sites is your stamp or first contribution to any social network. Exchanging
public and private messages, list groups they are connected to, and make friends
in a variety of ways. Commenting on others submissions is a great way to
interact in the social network world.
The core topics and who the social network draws to
its site are key to choosing if that site is for you. Most of the social
networks around are free to join and become a member of. This will allow you the
freedom to get to know a site and see if it is for you or not. Get connected on
the Internet and enjoy.

Stephanie Haile Google Me 😉 aka Wavecritter

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Video Games and Gaming

From Atari To XBox360 And Back Again


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