Blogs and Social Networks Virtual Reality Worlds Part 1

Tonight on Blogs and Social Networks Blog Talk Radio we discussed Virtual Worlds, not the Meez, IMVU type Virtual Worlds this time (though these sites are incredible 😉 , but the Small Worlds, Second Life, CyberTown, PlayFish, Entropia Universe, and Gaia sorts of online Virtual Reality Worlds. Sites all about your Virtual Self, not so much (or at all) about your real life self.


SmallWorlds is the first site we went over. A browser based, no download required site where the fun actually begins as soon as you begin the sign up process. Creation of your Avatar is first with choices for hairstyle, eyes, mouth, etc. A bundle of choices with extras being released when you partake of the upgrade options. After checking your email and confirming your account, you are off to the “Quest Tutorials”. This is set up in such a great way (kudos to the Small Worlds Team) and made to be such interactive fun that the mini Quests “learning” directive seems to go by unnoticed 🙂 You learn but it’s fun 🙂 No worries. Check the show out for more on Small Worlds 🙂



Some of the festivities over at’s Pet Society over the Thanksgiving holiday featured stacks of Turkeys and Pumpkin Pies stocking the shops with over 5 million pumpkin pies eaten! Over 5 million players are already on Facbook enjoying PlayFish with over 1 million playing every day! PlayFish will be introducing all kinds of new december treats and festive trees, decorations, and more to decorate your virtual home for Christmas. Don’t forget to stop by on December 25th for that special gift from the Mayor of Pet Society. Celebrate the festivities of pet Society style with PlayFish and Facebook. 🙂

Checking out the blog at will fill you in along the way 🙂



Here is a list of some more of the Virtual Worlds we discussed on tonights show 🙂 Also, the main HUB that stood out like a beacon in the searches for Virtual Worlds listings!

Virtual Family Kingdom

Virtual Family Kingdom Where History Comes Alive!

Wise OZ

Wise OZ

Wise OZ See Solve Socialize

Kongregate Choose from thousands of free flash games. Complete online game achievements to win badges.

Armor Games Over 200 original Flash games, as well as a directory of other flash titles. Over 500 games to play in all.

Platrium Base Games like Sudoku

Sporcle Mentally Stimulating Diversions

JamsBio Your Life Through Music

CyberTown Check this one out with the free trial 🙂

Listen for more information on Virtual Worlds on our Virtual Worlds Blogs and Social Networks show Part 2 Blogs and Social Networks Virtual Reality Worlds Coming Soon

Stevie and Stephanie Haile aka Blogheiress and Wavecritter

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Avatars United Social Network for Video Games and Gamers

Avatars United

Avatars United

What an outstanding Video Games and Gaming Social Network! Avatars United is loaded with gamers from Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, Second City, from IMVU and Meez, to Gaia Online (and soon to be Ogre Islanders). With Forums, Events, Worlds, Photos, Videos, and more, there is never a dull moment over at Avatars United.

This Video Games and Gaming Social Network is a creation or compilation of Avatar based toons or characters from the Virtual Worlds of the Internet. Our individual personalities created and envisioned in our toons are our online personalities here on Avatars United. With the frowning upon of “Reality” based photos, videos, and bios, this is a unique and well thought out concept by the creators of Avatars Online.

Wavecritter recently created the new group Ogre Islanders, so stop by and give Avatars Online a look )

Ogre Islanders Avatars United

Ogre Islanders Avatars United

Dalton and Stephanie Haile aka Wyverex and Wavecritter

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Virtual Worlds Social Toolbars Part 1

Virtual Worlds and Social Toolbars Part 1

In my questing for virtual worlds that I did not yet know about, I ran across a cool “Virtual Worlds Reviews Site”.

It contains a massive listing of cool Virtual World sites like

Place images or videos over each other when creating your profile page, reduce the opacity, and make them transparent. Nifty trick at! A simple site for your online profile, video, and cinema seats for viewing guests. You will need Adobe Macro Media Shockwave player for this one, no worries 🙂

On to

A new area just opened up under Cloud Spire! Are you brave enough to venture here? SpineWorld is geared toward the younger crowd (20 and younger) with a set up and Virtual Land that is literally Out of This World 🙂 Create an avatar, go on quests, make friends. This site also has a parents area, with security features, code of conduct, and more. No download, get flown into the city while receiving your instruction and clothing.

More Coming In Part 2 Social Toolbars and Virtual Worlds
Stevie and Stephanie Haile aka Blogheiress and Wavecritter Google Us

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Virtual Worlds Lead The Social Network Game

Holy Cow! Have you seen the coolest of the coolest in the Social Networking World? Have you gotten hooked up with the Virtual World Phenomenon Yet? This is the coolest thing EVER!!!! Well, so far anyways 🙂 You never know whats coming next 🙂

With the changes and advancements on the Internet, the changes and “fluffs” on their way will be bigger, better, and cooler as they introduce them all. has a virtual world, has Avatar Towns, and…… Drum Roll Please….. Lucy at has Meez Nation! Check Out These New Neighborhoods!



If you’re smart, savvy & sexy, this is the urban Hood for you! Includes 50 Cent’s virtual office.

Visit Uptown


This is the Hood where creative folks can let their imaginations roam!

Visit Arcadia


Chillax at blissful beaches, calm cafes & laid back lounges!

Visit Chillville (PS This is where you will find Wavecritter 🙂

Hell’s Kitchen

This is the Hood full of energy & attitude!

Visit Hell’s Kitchen


This is the place to start – chat and hang out in 3D!

Visit Burbia

Posh Heights

This is the exclusive location for luxury lovers & the nearly famous!

Visit Posh Heights

Holy Cow! What are you waiting for? Get on over to for some Virtual World Fun! Say Hi To Lucy and look up Wavecritter 🙂

Blogs and Social Networks going Virtual World!

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me

Visit Wavecritter on Meez 🙂

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