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Have you caught the TWITTER Bug Floating around there in Cyber Space Yet?

Holy Cow! TWITTER Is on fire! What a fun and easy to use site this is. Twitter is a site to use to post little thoughts and blurbs of the day, from your computer OR your cell phone text messages! This makes life very easy at TWITTER!

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Tips For Blogspot and My Bloglog

Blog Spot:

Under Services, When You Go To Add Your

Blogspot Blog it will look

like this: (SPACE


In this space will be put a very long number. You

will find this

number by going to your visitors view of your

front page of your

personal blog, then click under the “About Me”

section “View My

Complete Profile” This will take you to the profile

page about you.

While viewing this, look up in the address bar of

your browser

window. Here you will see this

(NUMBERS HERE) Copy ONLY the numbers and

paste them into the (SPACE

HERE) Area of your MYBlogLOG Page under the

services area.

Another tip for when you are getting up and

running is to go and

visit everyone on our team, friend them, and then

click on their

individual blog sites links under their profile, this

will allow

you to join their communities. Then, they will join

your blog

community too. Each seperate blog you submit,

will create a

community for that blog owned by you. If we all

join each others

communities…Cool Beans! The communities will

grow and we will

attract others to them…ATTRACTION MARKETING!

See? Cool!

Be sure to sign up for TWITTER! Every post you

then make on the

“Cartoon Bubble” at TWITTER gets shown on ALL

of your friends

pages. You will begin to notice as you get friends

that post on all

of their sites, that all of the posts also come here

as a link!

More traffic to your blog. Neat!

I would like to whittle the “For Certain Do This On


to the must dos of this for the service list:











These ones are the most trafficed just now,

easiest to get around

and set up, and have great people on them all.

Awesome chances for

us to meet great people.

Then add the rest as you go, never worry about

being behind if you

have these core ones

done in the services area of MyBlogLog.

If you get stuck as to what to do next on MyBlogLog, click

“MyAccount” at the top of the page after you log in, and you will

see this, click it and it will guide you through what to do next:

“To get the full MyBlogLog experience, complete these steps to

achieve profile zen.”


Stephanie Haile Google Me 🙂

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What is a blog or social network really?


What is a blog or social network really? What are
they for? Since the dawn of the information age has come to blossom, the
Internet world has blossomed as well.

The connectability and reaching out for new and
unique social settings and situations have spawned an influx of interesting and
viable resources for information sharing and socialization. The social network
scenario has come to a momentous explosion, with every viable type of interest,
hobby, business, and group represented. The socialization and searchability of
the Internet, (thanks in a major way to Google) has become fun, entertaining,
informative, and interactive.
People from every walk of life are exchanging
knowledge and information. They are having fun in the process with the different
forums for social networking. The games, chats, groups, networks, and topics are
The definition of a blog is really just an online
diary of sorts, a shared journal of whatever the author finds interesting and
worthy of sharing. The postings usually sit in chronological order or reverse
chronological order. Typically updated daily or weekly, the blog entries reflect
a particular topic, the personality of the author, and possibly what they are
passionate about.
A blog is a social network in itself, maybe far
removed from your contacts more so than a static website oriented toward a group
gathering, but still a social network of blogs and bloggers in
Now, a social network includes sometimes a sub set
of blogs, hosted on the social network site, blogger groups, and then a variety
of other groups, networks, people, topics, graphics, profiles, and
A Social Network is defined as any website that
allows multiple users to publish content themselves. The information may be on
any subject and seen by potential friends, mates, group members, employers, or
Creation of your profile at various social network
sites is your stamp or first contribution to any social network. Exchanging
public and private messages, list groups they are connected to, and make friends
in a variety of ways. Commenting on others submissions is a great way to
interact in the social network world.
The core topics and who the social network draws to
its site are key to choosing if that site is for you. Most of the social
networks around are free to join and become a member of. This will allow you the
freedom to get to know a site and see if it is for you or not. Get connected on
the Internet and enjoy.

Stephanie Haile Google Me 😉 aka Wavecritter

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