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The easier the better! Mixx was set up, posting new links, and “Mixxing” within minutes! I saw a link on CNN on the article for Google Earth on Mapping out Disney for everyone and coolies! What an easy to navigate fun site for “1 upping” and Mixx This! It is the same principle as sites like Digg, is one of the easiest sites yet I have put together and navigated. (Although, I am taking into account that I may just be getting quicker but not in this case 😉 Anyone can get around here at Mixx.com If you like the favoriting systems and sites out there, then you are going to get into Mixx. The groups at Mixx will get you connected fast to cool friends with like interests, so get on board at Mixx today.

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me

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