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This looks like a very nifty site in general. Robert let me know about this site through a comment to the blog here and I wanted to see about it. Anytime anyone has a site they find and wants me to do a bit of a “review” on, let me know through a comment and i will get right on it 🙂

Onto Zonzia Dot net! Directly to to the upper left side of the home site, there are 3 links to Site Tour, Site Help, and Success Stories that I recommend highly for just basic navigation and getting to know the site.

I found the initial “set-up” process extremely quick and easy. The navigation links are all laid out to “make sense” so are fast to find, and a breeze to get around.

Zonzia is a dating and friendship site geared towards showing you and others what steps to take next in order to meet quality potential dating relationships online. The tips and advice available look quite promising for the single professional on the internet today.

Here is an excerpt from their home page:

Site Features

24 hours a day you’ll find a community of friendly singles hanging out in our Chat Room.

We offer Instant Messaging, with Voice and Video Greetings so you can meet someone in real time.

Or, if you feel more comfortable, send an Email. Write a little about yourself, and take the first step towards finding a new relationship.

Narrow your search with our handy Keyword Search. Love to scuba dive? Enjoy traveling? Or maybe you just like relax at home and read a good book. Just type it in and find out who else shares your passion!

Relationship Advice

Date Info Webzine & Weekly Newsletter

Each week we feature expert advice about dating and relationships, entertainment and health. Post your feedback, take our interactive polls and even ask our experts for advice.

Stay current with our free newsletter offering fresh dating advice and highlighting members who’ve been successful at finding someone.”


Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google me

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Blogs and Social Networks Utterz New Program

“We are excited to announce the Utterz Ambassador Program.

Here’s the skinny: The Utterz team will be hand selecting a small group of Utterz users to help shape the future of Utterz for the entire community. If you’re selected to be an Ambassador, you’ll get to peek behind the Utterz curtain to learn what we’re working on now, as well helping us design and refine our upcoming feature releases. And of course, you’ll get “more cowbell”.”

Holy Cow! Utterz is getting ready for some ground breaking status symbols! The Utterz Ambassador Program! If you are into Utterz, let them know right away by visiting their blog below that you would like to be considered for the Ambassador Program at Utterz!

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me:)

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Friend Connect By Google

Reading the excitement out on the Internet about Connectability and Portable Data is all the buzz surrounding Google, Facebook, MySpace, Blogs and Social networks, Internet Marketers and more. Inviting friends and influencing people are all the current rage on social network sites, connecting all of this together is a huge job that Google is tackling with Friend Connect.

“Google Friend Connect integrates with contact lists for social networks like Facebook, orkut and Google Talk. This means users who join your site are instantly connected with friends who are already members, and can invite friends from other networks to visit. They can opt in to broadcasting their activities to friends in their social networks. A post to your message board, for example, can instantly be visible to people in multiple social networks, along with links leading to your site. These instant networks, combined with the wealth of OpenSocial gadgets, can form potent new online communities, very quickly and very easily.”

After reading the article and getting excited for Google yet again, I really started thinking about this concept. I think the benefit will be to the websites who use this application for certain, but (isn’t there always a but? 🙂 It will, in essence, be like a HUGE Twitter badge or widget on a website. Blogs and Social Networks are connecting in many ways today.

If you have multiple email accounts for instance, and merge them all together to be then forwarded to say Outlook Express. Well, then say you are an Internet Marketer who has several email accounts, and you decided to merge ALL That together! Hmmmm…

Now, what if you have 5 or 10 active social networks? That start to acquire a great deal of time from you. You have already mentally placed a priority system on the sites you like best so you visit them more often and consequently spend more time there. What if you merged all of the messages, chats, and content?


It will be nice to jump from one to the other, have a “Hub” so to speak, but will it or would it be overwhelming for some? Or will it make life on the Internet much more simple having a one stop for your social information? I, personally, am eager to find out.

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me 😉

Watching this YouTube Video Will Gain You Understanding

For Even more Information on Google Friend Connect Visit:

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A Crazy Blogger ZooGlobble On MySpace

If you want to see a whole bunch of video selections from MySpace (the crazy ones and possibly mature) But a social networking buff just the same. Then visit ZooGlobbles MySpace selections blog at

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Blogs and Social Networks Utterz

What a cool site this one is guys! Utterz is an awesome social networks system that allows you to post from your cell phone, so the ease of use is in the bag! Post photos, text, Video, Audio, theres Widgets for your blogs, and step by step instructions!

Connect to Pownce, Blogspot, WordPress, Typepad, Flickr, Youtube, Twitxr, MetaWeblog, Twitter, Live Journal, and much more!

One of the neatest features is with each post you can have an audio, text, video, and photo in the same Utterz! All ways of communication rolled into one neatly configured post!

Check out Utterz today!

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me

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