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Ask Spot Dunckel

Ask Spot Dunckel

I was looking through my blogroll today and came upon one of the very top Blog Quotes Blogs ever found in Blogs and Social Networks. The author is Spot Dunckel and the blog site is Ask Spot Dunckel dot blogspot dot com. There is a wealth of blogs and blogging inspiration awaiting you here, not to mention blog Quotes of wisdom, life, and understanding.  Take an adventure and Ask Spot Dunckel! Great blog, awesome inspiration, and always a smile. Just Click The Graphic Above!

“A Super Little Beagle Who Name is SPOT, White, Black & Brown are the color of his hair. Love to walk and be your side of the chair for you to pet him as long as possible. Not your normal outside hunting dog but one who LOVES the inside and the good life in the Dunckel Household. Proud that his breed was #1 at the Dog Show this year as he chants “We are #1, We are #1″ LoL”

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Goole Me

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