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The Facebook Applications available for you to choose are completely too numerous to mention them all.  An application is just a widget (an HTML code that displays an information arrangement changeable by the user) a box containing set information, a game, virtual pet, or other creative coolie 🙂

The first one shown here is one of the newer applications at Facebook, My Farm 🙂 This one will take a bit of diligence in the way of a daily visit to your farm. It is quite a brilliant invention and a great deal of fun coupled with responsibility.


The Green Spot Garden Facebook Application is not “as” demanding of your time as the My Farm Facebook Application but it needs much more attention than most others. Also an addicitive sort of application widget that takes you quietly away from it all while you create your dream garden 🙂 Flowers, garden stones, critters, and “found” treasures as you visit around and help others tend to their garden paradises. Find this Application Widget on MySpace as well.


Yes, when I took this shot, I was a Jedi Mind Tricker SuperPokin’ Facebook Freak! Now, I am a SuperPoke Extreme SuperPoker! 🙂

SuperPoke is a widget Facebook Application that also is offered on MySpace 🙂 One of the easiest to use and to maintain, SuperPoking on MySpace is a one time set up and then SuperPoke whenever the mood strikes you, remember the “captcha boxes” and the individual sends. It takes quite a bit longer to mass SuperPoke on MySpace. On Facebook, SuperPoke on your friends pages as you visit or send a mass SuperPoke to all your friends at once.


I couldn’t really mention the regular SuperPoke without saying a few things about the cutest of virtual pets (choose from a long list like dog, tiger, panda, dragon, penguin, etc.) set play dates with your friends, create as many rooms as you can furnish and afford, and have a blast. Yes, you should check on your pets often, but they will be just fine if you see them even as little as once a week or so.


These are some of the BlogThings Quizzes 🙂 There are a few here! Be sure to make Keri (the BlogThings writer your friend on MySpace) Ohhh… is this a Facebook Application? I didn’t see it at Facebook, yes, I know I called this post Blogs and Social Networks Facebook Applications, but we can’t leave out the BlogThings!




Yes, these are some of my personal answers 🙂 A bit of insight into Wavecritter!

Whatever the applications you discover over at Facebook or MySpace (Mob Wars, Pirates, Networked Blogs, Send Jesus, Top Friends, Owned, Hatching Eggs lol 🙂 So many more … Enjoy the ones you do and try not to get them all, there are just so many you can keep up with 🙂

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Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me 🙂

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