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“Wiki” was originally an abreviation of “Wiki Wiki Web” software developed by American Computer Programmer Ward G. Cunningham born in 1949. Hawaiin “Wiki Wiki” = Quick + Web. Ward G. Cunningham created the “Wiki Wiki Web” software program in 1995. The reason for the “quick” part is a Wiki is a collaborative effort website, where all the members can add content. Some content additons at certain Wikis are designated to writers, moderators, and administrators, but all Wikis allow thread posts and you can design your personal profiles anyway you like 🙂

A Wiki “thread” is like a little forum converstaion or topic, really a discussion starter or forum between members of the Wiki.

Some Wikis require you to request a Writer status to add or edit page content, others just need you to sign up as a member of the wiki, and others let even anonomous writers to add threads and content. i call them the “Free Range” Wikis 🙂

I have made a few How To Videos on the Wetpaint Wiki and Interlinking that will help get you going at Wetpaint.com. Visit Wavecritters Channel at YouTube.

A few of the Wetpaint Wikis I have created are:




These are works in progress 😉





The Wetpaint Wiki sites are easy to join and easy to create your own free sites.

There are other Wiki sites as well, I just prefer Wetpaint.com

Theres PBWiki for business educators and cooperative teams, of course Wards Wiki, the first ever. They have a book out “The Wiki Way” and at Wiki.org you can join in on the discussion, and Wikipedia.

WikiSpaces is a site for simple web pages that groups, friends, and families can edit together, private wikis here have a small monthy fee.

Ning is also a Blog Social Network that allows each member to “fluff” their personal profile pages, add content, and be an active Wiki member.

If you would like to find more Wiki options, you can compare Wikis and get a HUGE list at WikiMatrix

Enjoy Your Wikis and Join Some New Ones 😉

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me

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Blogs and Social Networks in general are expanding and growing daily, scratch that, hourly. The amount of people reaching out for world wide friendship is amazing and exciting.

The first stop in our journey today will be to the video mogul of YouTube. Like the glamor and sparkle of the Las Vegas strip with the culture and information of the Museums, Hoover Dam, and The Grand Canyon, comedy like Ray Romano and Kevin James, shows and magic like Chris Angel and The Blue Man Group, YouTube has it all. Sign up, upload a video you created or just view the hundreds of thousands of videos already here. Join a group or enter a video contest, just broadcast yourself.

How about we visit the tops on the fun, chatty charts by taking a trip to the Twin Cities, MN, Greatest Shopping Mall Of America! IMVU!

IMVU is an outstanding, fun, digital, graphic image maker, and player site. You create a little “you” image, and dress up, buy items and clothes and hair styles and much more, take photos of the virtual “you” , go on a Ferris Wheel, in a cafe, disco, wherever the little “you” wants to play, get photographed, purchase items with credits, chat, engage, and virtually have the time of your Internet life! Missgreenbacks, Lucky, IMVUInc, and Charm are there to get you rolling and help your navigation! The Greatest Shopping Mall Of The Internet World awaits at IMVU.

Let’s Move along now, down the cobblestone streets of Amsterdam and join in on the group activities and artistic Rembrandt talents of the members of WetPaint Wiki. Get a community gathering started and become a sightseeing tour down the Amsterdam canal. Design graphics and flourishes that match your Wiki design with Paint Splatters. Wikis are websites that everyone can build together. It’s easy. Come to community fun and information spot, build a page, add a widget, leave your mark on the adventure of the Wiki!

Questing ever further into blogs and social networks we arrive, (and some say “finally”) at the Blogs and Social Networks dream adventure. The Tibet, if you will, of the day. Friendster is the highest peak to reach and the most tranquil, easy-going of the industry. The Friendster crew is always helpful and pleasant. Add Apps, Get Connected, Explore, and Search through the mountainous region that is Friendster. With a separate, but unified blogging city, Friendster creates a collective environment of exploration, fun, and friends.

Throughout the journey, the road less traveled or the highway to the blogging world, we notice the actual “road” is My BlogLog. An outstanding intersection of continuing highways and byways of interconnectedness. This is My BlogLog. It actually weaves together the blogs and social networks of today, melding them into the off ramps of tomorrow.

Getting and staying connecting in the blogs and social networks world on the Internet is an experience of a lifetime. Our pasts did not even include this awesome situational entertainment and friendship.

Stephanie Haile Google Me aka Wavecritter


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