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We discussed many of the top Social Bookmark Sites on our Blogs and Social Networks Show Social Bookmarking Sites but here are some details about a scattered few of these Social Bookmark Sites 🙂

bloglineswave tracks your favorite news, blogs, weather, and classifieds so you don’t have to 🙂 Beta Bloglines: Read Save Share, All In One Place! And get your favorite web sites and blog articles delivered to you. Available anywhere PC, Mac, Cell Phones, and IPhones. Check out the Bloglines top 1000 which is your guide to the most popular feeds. The Beta Bloglines is cool because you can drag whichever feeds you want on “My Start Page” , whatever you choose to be prominent. Like Google Reader, Bloglines is more for you. But also similar is that Google Readers feed lists can also be shared and viewed by others simply by clicking the share button and/or using their cool Reader Widget that you can place on your personal blogs and sites (which also adds to the fresh content on your blog 😉 and Bloglines sharing factor is a link like this one for others to see your personal Bloglines info:

wavecritter-newsvine is a different sort of Social Bookmark Site. Newsvine really focuses on Headline, interesting “right now” news and articles. Find something great to post to Newsvine via their free to use toolbar button. Like StumbleUpon, these sites concentrate more on individual posts, news and articles, not necessarily ones you wrote 🙂 Only found to include here in the mixx of Newsvine. So while you surf about and find the newest, most interesting articles, posts, and news stories, you can post them to your Newsvine page. If you are the first to post a particular story, you get to write a small description and get featured as the first to find this story 🙂 Both Newsvine and Stumble Upon are similar in this.

Digg usually houses an online on the site button to Digg a story rather than having a toolbar button.

At Newsvine, Stumble Upon, and Digg  friending is allowed, rather required at Digg though. Without friends at Digg who then Digg what you input into Digg, you are kind of left without many Digging your stuff 🙂 So keep that in mind.

Now, don’t forget if you are ever having trouble posting content to your blogs, whether they be a journal, a blog on a social network, or a seperate blog site like Live Journal, Blogger, WordPress, Podbean, or Vox, Why not make a post about your chosen social bookmarking sites? Why you use them and what they have to offer.


More Social Bookmarking sites to come 🙂

Blogs and Social Networks

Stevie and Stephanie Haile aka Blogheiress and Wavecritter Google Us 🙂

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Blogs and Social Networks Podcasting

Podcasting allows us to publish audio or video on the web, which then allows others to subscribe to our media and to get automatic updates.

Podcasting is really a digital video and/or audio recording(s) that we make available to others online. Let’s focus on computer based podcasting for now.

Sites like Podbean, Audacity, Blog Talk Radio, YouTube, and Utterli a just a few of the popular podcasting themed sites on the net.

Formatting with podcasts is most always in MP3, Sites like iTunes will auto convert WMA files for you which is quite useful in general.

When you upload your videos to Youtube or you get and ebed or source type code to place these web widgets in code form into the HTML format of your blog or web sites.

Beginners tips would be first and foremost to start with shorter length podcasts and practice, leaving time for editing and the small learning curve that will make your podcasts extraordinary 🙂

Podbean and Utterli are two very unique Blogs and Social Networks sites and with sites like Blog Talk Radio, it is a podcasters wonderland on the Internt today. These are hosters for your podcasts: Podbean, Utterli, Blog Talk Radio, and if you have a musicians account on MySpace, uploaded files being stored right on this musician MySpace profile page is also a holder for your music podcasts. Utterli allows users to record and publish audio, video, text, and images directly from users cell phones and offer a snazzy web widget to embed on your personal blog, social network, or web site for instant broadcasts any where 🙂

If you have not gotten your feet wet to date with podcasting, why not try out a Blog Podcasting site like Podbean. Podcast hosting and social subscribing. When you add a subscription to Podbean, there is also a button to simultaneously add it to your iTunes as well! Podbean gives you a list of the hottest tags or keywords right now, the most subscribed to, most listened to, and available podcasts right now.

Let’s go back to iTunes for a moment and check out the podcasts on podcasting! After listening into a few of these you should well be ready to get going with some of your own. There is a podcast on podcasting called Podcasting 411 Inside the Podcasters Studio Show with Rob and then check out Podcasting For Dummies Show with Tee Morris. ITunes is a major podcasters dream, ipods and iphones along with your PC make iTunes rock 🙂 ITunes is free to download and takes just a few seconds depending on your connection speed.

Blog Talk Radio is also free to use like Podbean and Utterli with no downloads required.

ITunes generally podcasters “take” from this site, meaning they download free and purchased podcasts from the iTunes store, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ITunes also has music, movies, TV shows, applications, and audio books to download to your computer and sync to your ipod or iphone and take with you.

Blog Talk Radio hosts input good content onto the net for others to be able to download and play at their convenience, so there is more of a give and take relationship for users. Blog Talk Radio shows are alo inputted and download from iTunes. Listeners use Blog Talk Radio for information, news, education, how to’s, and entertainment. When the users find a show they enjoy, they can download either from Blog Talk Radio or subscribe to the show through iTunes. When a new show gets broadcast, users and subscribers can be alerted and automatically download the shows. There are multiple options here with the iTunes download.

With Blog Talk Radio they have the option of a free downloadable toolbar creating easy log in accesss, what’s on the air, popular, the best of Blog Talk Radio, and featured shows on right now. Easy acces to your friends and favorites as well.

One of the coolest free audio tools out there is Audacity. A bit on the techy side, but not near the learning curve of programs like Camtasia.

Begin your own adventure into podcasting, we would love to hear or see you on the net.

Stevie and Stephanie Haile aka Blogheiress and Wavecritter Google Us 🙂

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