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Tonights show was brilliant fun as we covered the coolest Christmas MySpace graphic, layout, and comments sites out there on the net 🙂

Now, we all say “MySpace” graphics and layouts, but included in the mix is Hi5, Friendster, MyYearBook, Ning, Bebo and many more social networks.

We went over the “What’s With the 2.0 MySpace” layouts with a bit of how to, tips, and suggestions to get you headed in the right direction. Tom at MySpace has it all covered with the step by steps (Kudos!) but a few more helpful hints will make you feel like a pro before you dive in with both feet to the CSS 2.0 version of MySpace 🙂

Listen into our show for tips on 2.0 and which sites will be best to search for what comments, graphics, and layouts for MySpace, Ning, Friendster, Hi5, Tagged, and more 🙂


Ok, first site we discussed tonight was They have just updated their Christmas graphics section on December 1st. Free Code Source has animated, dolls, posters, icons, banners, mini banners, non-animated, contact tables and glitter graphics categories 🙂

Free Code source has the new MySpace 2.0 layouts, Friendster, and Hi 5 layouts as well with 69 different Christmas layouts for MySpace with a great variety between pages. Tropical Christmas, wrapping paper, ornate bling, cabinesque, many selections here at Free Code Source. The thing I found cool here was I had the choice to get the full layout, standard profile 1.0 code, or just the background 🙂

Another brilliant site we discussed tonight was A great selection (over 46 pages!) of Christmas comment graphics. The huge draw to visit Sparkle Tags is the voting system they have set up on their graphics. Kudos to Sparkle Tags for getting user input! This way, Sparkle tags can see what’s popular and stay on the trend of what the visitors are actually using and enjoying, not just slapping pages and endless pages (that we as users have to sift through) of not so great graphics 🙂 is innovative in that and thanks go out to them 🙂

Sparkle Tags

Sparkle Tags

We discussed many, many more sites on the show and what exactly they each have to offer in the way of Christmas graphics and layouts designs. Stevie will be posting more of her favorites on her blog as well, and we will have the link list up at Blog Talk Radio for easy access to the coolest of Christmas fluff and bling 🙂

Talk soon,

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me 🙂

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Blogs and Social Networks Spicing Up Your MySpace Page

Have You been enjoying your site at MySpace but want a bit more happening on your page? We are going to cover posting on a friends page, to get a guest book or a slide show, finding some sparkle at, posting polls, bulletins, adding clocks, counters, and general style to your page.


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Basic HTML

Basic HTML

You can use basic HTML in many ways and in various places. You can change simple things by making your font bolder, bigger, or smaller by using the simplest of codes. You can create page breaks and separate your paragraphs or thoughts. Change the color of your font, create a text link, or place a picture or graphic image on your web site.If you have not yet copied and pasted a graphic or background lay-out onto a web page or a social network site such as My Space, give that a try. It will show you a great example of what an HTML code actually looks like. Study it for a few minutes to get a good look at the tweaks that could be made to any code to change just a bit of the end result.

We use HTML at social networks, on web pages, and in solo advertisements for business marketers.

Basic HTML will make your page or advertisements stand out from the crowd. Get noticed and learn a bit of HTML.

To change your font and make it show a bit of your personality or to make it jump out of the page, you will need these basic HTML codes. I will be putting spaces between the characters here to be able to post this on an area that uses HTML. When you type this, leave no spaces between the characters. Making your font bolder only requires you to type < b >. Typing in multiple sets will create an even bolder font. At the end of the word or phrase you wish to be bold, type. This code will close the bold print.

You can make your font bigger or smaller as well by using the code < big > or < small > and then closing it off with or . That is the extent of it. It is really this easy to do.

If you need a separation between ideas, thoughts, or paragraphs then use the code < Br >. If you would like a double space between the text, type two or more in a row, all touching with no spaces. This is best used with graphic images and photos, or banners and music players. It prevents the images from running together and creates a much cleaner page view.

Another neat little trick is changing your font color. Red jumps right off the page, blue is a very mellow and calming color, and yellow when used with a combination of red and black makes a very bold statement. This code is very simple and looks like this, < font >. Now, with this code, you can either just type the color name into “the color” area or do a quick search for HTML font color codes and replace “the color” with the actual color code number given on the site you find. Close the color with.

How about adding a text link to your web site or social page? Again, simple once you see it a few times. This is what it looks like. You will need to replace the yoursitehere with your web page link and TextLink with whatever you want to show as your link text.

EXAMPLE: <”A target=”_new” HREF=””>textlink</A>

Like This:  Visit our <A HREF=””>site</A>

Again, I have created spaces where there should be none to ensure readability. If I posted this on an HTML compatible page it would not show anything except the useable link called textlink. The only space needed in this code is the one between the first A and the HREF. That one is an important and essential space.There is an easy shortcut to image codes. Uploading a stored photo or image from your computer to a site called Tiny Pic will get you your image code straight away. Just copy and paste into your project. The easiest by far. The wealth of information on and about using, viewing, and learning the basic HTML code is a search engine away. My goal is to enlighten you and show you that you can do it too. That it isn’t as difficult as we all may have thought it was and doing it correctly is within reach.

Stephanie Haile and Stevie Haile aka Wavecritter and BlogHeiress Google Us!

Links below discussed on our Blogs and Social Networks Online Radio: Ken From Blog Critics BC MultiPlayer Chat Let Us Know JadedMan Let Us Know This Was The Best New Web Browser Megans MySpace Stephanies MySpace Stevies MySpace Ken Edwards Blog Talk Radio Official Host! BC MultiPlayer Chat! Ken Edwards! Ken Edwards MySpace

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A Crazy Blogger ZooGlobble On MySpace

If you want to see a whole bunch of video selections from MySpace (the crazy ones and possibly mature) But a social networking buff just the same. Then visit ZooGlobbles MySpace selections blog at

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google me 🙂

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MySpace How To

MySpace How To

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