It is required for you to reach your destination, at least in the mind of the seeker,
because the journey is the lesson that teaches you how to accept the
dream. The trip is never one long race to the finish, it requires stops
along the way. Many find this unbearable, as the impatience takes
control. When an adventure is taken in bites and pieces, there is then
time to savor the little hills and streams that one has surpassed and

Look at today as either climbing that slope or gaining
some kind of wisdom to actually peak the summit tomorrow. Perseverance
is defined in the dictionary as a noun. "The steady persistence in a
course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., in spite of difficulties,
obstacles, or discouragement." As it pertains to Internet Marketing,
there may be many obstacles to overcome, learning curves, teaching team
members, and self improvement.

In reality, the steps taken to
reach your end can never be viewed as in vain. The learning, teaching,
people you meet, places you go, and experiences in life are but needed
travel time to mold yourself into that what you seek.

Let's look
at the quote by H. Jackson Brown "In the confrontation between the
stream and the rock, the stream always wins- not through strength but
by perseverance." In this, he states that in the observation of a steam
trickling down it's path, even when rocks and other obstacles prevent
the stream from a straight line, the stream will fully reach it's
desired area and destination.

"The Little Train That Could" with
his "I think I can" then turning into the "I know I can" completely
sums up the expedition nicely. The Little Train actually believed he
could, not letting other outside influences allow to think otherwise.

of mediocre ability sometimes achieve outstanding success because they
don't know when to quit. Most men succeed because they are determined
to." by George E. Allen explains this concept of The Little Train
simply. The Little Train did not know when to quit. Remembering to
forget, is sometimes the answer here to true perseverance. The
importance being placed on the finish line, going around, over, under,
or through any obstacles placed in your path to a successful Generic
MLM business opportunity or any opportunity.

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