Wavecritter’s Vacation :)

Hiya everyone 🙂 I have been vacationing on the island. I have been sorting through the multiple blogs, social networks, radio shows, and other sites I have spending time on and have whittled the list down to my very favorites as to focus on the ones I can better manage. I absolutely love to post on different Blogs and Social Networks and enjoy doing reviews on these sites 🙂 I also enjoy Video Games and Gaming, with a few favorites and am currently working on a few very cool sites along these lines.

Here is a list of the sites I am going to focus on. Unfortunately, I cannot keep working the crazy hours I have been ( I would be surprised if anyone could for more than one and a half to two years straight lol :). So, I have whittled and weaned and decided on the following sites:

VideoGamesAndGaming.info Video Games and Gaming Online radio

BlogsAndSocialNetworks.info Blogs and Social Networks Online radio

VideoGamesAndGaming.net Our WordPress Blog on Video Games and Gaming

BlogsAndSocialNetworks.com Blogs and Social Networks reviews

VideoGamesAndGaming.com Blogger Blog on Video Games and Gaming

Blogheiress.info WordPress Blogs and Social Networks Site

VideoGamesAndGaming.org Our Video Games and Gaming Wetpaint Wiki, A Work In Progress

BlogQueen.wetpaint.com Our Blog Reviews Wetpaint Wiki, Work in Progress

BlogsAndSocialNetworks.net Blogger Blogs and Social Networks Site

GenericMLM.com Loaded with Internet Network Marketing Information

MyVMTeam.wetpaint.com My Virtual Marketing Wetpaint Wiki Loaded with Internet Marketing Info

MyVMTeam.wordpress.com Who Are The members of My VM Team?

Social Network Marketing Information and Tips

HouseOfMirrors.wetpaint.com Work in Progress and A Surprise Site 🙂

Blog Nut Social Network An Awesome, Huge, Social Network for Business Owners and Some Nutty Fun with Time Saver Tools:)

Club Green Social Network
Go Green and Save the Planet

Santa Live Now Social Network Santa Claus Has A Ning!

Christmas Emporium Social Network Fun Christmas Ning

MySpace Wavecritter Check Out My Space 🙂

Zimbio Wiki Social Network Zimbio Wikis Abound, Be Sure to Get Your Posts and Articles Submitted to Your Wikis or Others

Utterli Social Network Utterli, formerly Utterz, is a Pod Casters Dream 🙂

Flckr Photo Social Network Photos and Screen Shots Every Where

MyBlogLog Yahoos Blogger Social Network This is a Must For All Blogs and Social Networks Lovers

So, catch me at any of these sites above (the very best place to leave a message for me is MyVMTeam's, GenericMLM's, or SocialNetworkMarketing's wiki sites:)

Let me tell you a bit about my venture and vacation over the past four weeks 🙂

This is one of the coolest places I have ever been with a couple of large towns surrounded by various smaller ones. The people of this community are the absolute best and interaction with them is always a joy. There is always something new and exciting happening so be sure not to blink 🙂

Visiting the various landscapes of the island is an adventure in itself. On one side of the island are lush forested landscapes and farther to the east are desert lands, some sprinkled with palm trees and beautiful water features. Areas so vast that you may not come across another person for long stretches of time and towns packed to the gills, where you interact and make countless friends.

With so much to keep you busy, there is never a dull moment. If you enjoy some great fishing spots, this is the place for you. Ready areas to cook them up are available for your pleasure and experience as well. I become an expert in one of the activities they have to offer having fun and gaining experience along the way. Parties and groups get together regularly to travel into charted and uncharted territories. Get points with the island owners by ridding the towns of unwanted visitors and enemies using your gifted skills. A most relaxing and fulfilling vacation spot.

The towns are equipped for travelers from across the globe with banks, vendors for countless items, transportation, and food. The weather is always beautiful on the island as it hasn't rained in some time, seemingly never 🙂 Always a friendly experience with helpful characters and visitors.

So…where am I talking about? Hmmmm….what is this island and where is it located? The Caribbean? Off Key West's Coast or Florida's East Coast?…

Nope 🙂 OgreIsland.com Come and visit Woodly, Wavecritter or Wyverex and give us a wave (type in /wave) to say hello 🙂

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The Lone Blog – An Inner Tube On The Ocean


Have you ever really considered just how big the Internet is? Or the number of people currently connected or joining every day? It staggers the mind, doesn't it? With the playground of events, music choices, video on demand, photos and graphics, interests, personalities, news, business tips, information, and excitement out there the lone blog is like an inner tube on the ocean.

The lone blog, an inner tube on the ocean is a visual effect that should set this reality in perspective for you. So how does the lone blog become an island at sea? Or eventually a continent? Starting at the size of an inner tube, this goal might seem a daunting task. One step at a time and one link back at a time will create the island that you are building for the lone blog.
Begin this blogging journey by constructing three blogs on three separate blog networks. Make them each different, but have yourself in there as well so each blog is just an extension of parts of who you are and what you are all about. Work on them a little at time or get it done in a few days, it is entirely up to how much time you have and how quickly you can learn each blog site.
On most blog sites there is a "widget" or area to list links or something called a "blog roll" or "blog log". Here you will want to start your list with your own blogs from the other sites and any friends blog sites that you know about. You have just blew your inner tube for the lone blog up to a small fishing boat. If you have an organization, group, team, or club that you are a member of ask them if they have a blog site and add them to your list of blog sites on your lone blog. In turn, ask them to add you to their favorites list or blog roll.
Be sure to go and comment on your friends blogs every week or every other week, leaving your name and blog address as a signature. Every time they visit their own blog and see your comment, they will remember to go say hello back to you increasing your visitors and blog ranking in the system.
What is your favorite of your three blogs about? There is always a favorite after you put the time and effort into the creation of these blogs and each one comes into its own personality. Get a domain name, be creative in the choosing, pick a name that fits what your blog is all about, and redirect it to your blog site. As these blog sites are so generously made available by brilliant sites such as Google, Vox, WordPress, Yahoo360, and countless others, they are also subject to terms of these companies. Be sure to read through the rules and what is and is not allowed on these blog sites. Even when you do follow the rules there is always the chance that your blog will be taken down. With a redirected personal URL, you can then put up another blog and redirect your URL to a new one. Better still, you can purchase your own blog site just like any domain name but if you need to keep all this as inexpensive as possible stay with the free sites.
Always be on the lookout for new blogs in your network that you can add as a favorite or to your blog list, if your blog site offers a group area, join a few groups that you are interested in. Add your blog sites to a host of blog submission sites available to the Internet world. MyBlogLog, Technorati, Digg, Article99 these are but a few of the sites that offer a blog submission area. Use the link to your blog site everywhere as your signature file. Everyone who comments be sure to comment back with a back link to your lone blog site.
The lone blog, an inner tube on the ocean has now stepped up to a tug boat. To bring it one step further, maybe to a great sailing ship, you will need to make a few comments on some heavy hitter pages. Find some outstanding sites that interest you and make a few comments to the author. These are not going to be regular pages generally, they are going to be sites owned and authored by big web site owners and gurus of the industry you are involved with or are curious about. These are pages of organizations and clubs with many members commenting on the pages. High traffic sites are a way to not only get your name out there, but they also benefit the site owner of the high traffic site. This is why they will readily post your positive comment on their site.
A sailing ship on the waves of the Internet sounds like a safer deal altogether than an inner tube floating haplessly and crashing among the bigger, more threatening vessels doesn't it? No longer the lone blog your visitors will enjoy your fresh, newly posted content every week and enjoy themselves.
Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter

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