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Hello fellow Blogs and Social Networks enthusiasts! I am working on new reviews and many updates on Blogs and Social Networks. All of the dated information will remain for posterity =)

My new posts will be 2019 Social Network Reviews



The “Face” of social networks and blogging sites has shifted drastically since I started this site =)

The latest casualty in the Blogs and Social Networks world is MyBlogLog, the Yahoo social bookmark, twitteresque, feed site that held all your social networking eggs in one place ….. another one bites the dust.

While many of the social network and blog sites are still alive and kicking, sadly, many have gone by the wayside. I have been watching …. rather silently I am afraid, I have enjoyed watching the greats and hopeful websites come and try to claim their space =)

It seems, Facebook has become the Internets Walmart and shut out the family business so to speak ….. I will leave the info I have posted for history’s sake, but much has changed ….

Look To The Right For The Newest Posts and For Individual Pages On Specific Blogs and Social Networks 😉

The explosion of social networks available on the Internet today is quite overwhelming. Which one will suit me? Which one will I enjoy and use and contribute to? These questions and more flood the minds of all Internet users when confronted with the onslaught of choices in the blogs and social networks categories presented for membership.

Most every social network is offered free to become a member, participate in groups and forums, and meet friends and associates. There are status upgrades offered on some sites, but these upgrades are not mandatory to enjoy and offer contributions to the site. You will get a member page to set up a short introduction of yourself, your likes and dislikes and a bit of flare about you.

You decide who gets to view your information from everyone on the net to only a select bunch of friends, you choose how much information is even seen by theses friends if you wish to be anonymous.

Listing the highlights and specialties of each of the social network sites.

Blogs and Social Networks Reviews Parts 1 and 2

Blogs and Social Networks Reviews Parts 3 and 4

The first site in review will be the biggest! MySpace!

Wavecritter MySpace Back In the Day


Once you have mastered the MySpace environment, you will feel very comfortable exploring the other sites out there. With the 221,000,000 + member sites, the layout choices, music, 43,000,000 + groups, 22 major forum topics with numerous minor topics, multi category classified section, colors, flavors, sights, and sounds, I would call MySpace the New York City of social networks equipped with Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Harlem, and Queens. Each with their own flare for expression, it is all a mix of cultures and preferences with close knit sub-communities linked to the masses.

An eclectic adventure awaits beyond the doors of MySpace, I hope to see you there. If you are new to social web sites, check out my article series on “How To MySpace”, these will get you started.

MySpace Today

myspace wavecritter new

For More On MySpace How To Visit These Posts

How To Get Started At MySpace Part 1

How To Get Started At MySpace Part 2

How To Get Started At MySpace Part 3

How To Spice Up Your MySpace Page

Have you had a chance to visit Tagged yet?

This is a fun and relatively easy site to get started on. Everything seems to be in “fast mode” here. You quickly choose your profile background, requesting friends is a breeze, write in your journal, add a You Tube video, photos, all the perks of the “big guys” just in speedy mode. You can have fun with your friends and send them “Tags”…they’re it! A great site to make some awesome friends. Put up your mEgo here to add a bit of your artistic side to the mix. Let’s say Tagged is like the Metro in Chicago….. There’s always something happening. Sometimes at Tagged, there may be “not for younger eyes” viewing, so keep that in mind while you surf around 😉

Tagged Wavecritter

I did a bit of a segway into mEgo there, so I thought we could visit their site next. mEgo is your interactive, portable profile to create and enjoy on sites like Live Journal, FaceBook, MySpace, Xanga, Hi5, Blogger, BlackPlanet, and more. All in One, interactive, and portable, what more could you want in a profile organizer? Change your look with photos, avatars, and animations. Equip your mEgo with feeds and content to share a bit of yourself with your web friends. We’ll call mEgo the Italy of the social network world.

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter

Mego Wavecritter (I removed the link as Mego is no more Aug. 2019)

I thought we take a walk over to the business district of Wall Street and visit Direct Matches. Welcome to the Internets 24 hour convention. This is a brilliant site where business men and women can meet, network, and create long standing relationships. The center stage is strictly business, with a backdrop of a welcoming, comfortable coffee shop. Enjoyable atmosphere in a bustling district.

DirectMatches (Also bit the dust, removed link Aug. 2019)

Time for a visit to music central, Project Playlist. We’ll liken this to Beale Street, Memphis. Get the “Music Buzz”, search for tunes by artist, title, or browse member playlists. Their mission statement conveys a love and passion for the music industry, “Our view is that the more people share their individual passion for music by sharing playlists, the more music will be created, and the more the entire music industry will grow.” Read More… About Project Playlist

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter

Project Playlist (Link to Playlist App)

Stopping off in Colorado ski country, we come to Twitter. Twitter is a cool little break off the beaten path. A vacation of sorts with findings and followings, word bubbles and blurbs, featured players and a public timeline. I’ve been told that Twitter is even more fun when used through your mobile phone or instant messenger service. Take a glide down the slopes of Twitter and set yours up. Turn it “on” press send and “off” when you sleep.

Twitter Stephanie Haile

Twitter Florida East Coast Surf Fishing

Giving kudos where deserved and bringing up a very close, prominent second place in the blogs and social networks community is Facebook. A Harvard castle of a maze where around every corridor there is a surprise and a new friend. If you’ve ever taken a look at a map of Cambridge, MA., the hub of Harvard sits in the center of spokes and avenues of discovery. Such is the life of Facebook while you poke, smile at, or give gifts to your network. Check events, groups, photos, and the marketplace while discovering a space on the web to get lost and discover yourself.

Facebook Florida East Coast Surf Fishing

View The Facebook How To Video for Applications

Want to realize the meaning of hospitality? Visit Lucy over at Meez. Lucy, with her Audrey Hepburn shine, sets the stage for wardrobe occasions and by creating your own 3D Meez, you can follow suit (or choose your own suit:). Export, create, and animate to mirror your personality or one you want to be. Roscoe will gladly be there whenever you need technical support and is quick to act. Get coinz for premium gear by playing games and referring friends. There’s a forum for fun, fashion, and showing off your Meez. Stop by the Rodeo Drive of the Internet. What does your Meez say about you?

Meez Wavecritter (Meez bit the dust too. Removed link Aug. 2019)

Having found Meez through Photobucket, I found it fitting to stroll through the paparazzi playhouse of La Dolce Vita along the coast of the Ionian Sea. Photobucket, where 60 million people manage their media, upload videos and photo memories, sharing everywhere from MySpace and e-mail, to Blogger, LiveJournal, and Facebook. Find MySpace icons, popular photos and videos, and other cool and crazy stuff. Enjoy and recreate new visions on Photobucket. Take time to “Digg” someones impressions.

Photobucket Wavecritter

Another segway? Isn’t our journey going smoothly through the travels of blogs and social networks? Time to venture into the information highway of World News that is Atlanta, Georgia. All news, videos, images, and podcasts. To Digg or not to Digg, that is the question here. Come to a Digg Town Hall Meeting, the very first on February 25th, 2008, to get what’s happening. Can you Digg it?

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter


Time for a visit to the Alexandria of blogs and social networks, Vox! The brilliance of Vox shimmers across the net with it’s outspoken writers. And like the town that stretches twenty miles along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Vox is known for it’s own wonders of the social networking world. Explore it’s wonders of culture, entertainment, technology, music, life, and politics. Get involved with a group and construct your own “Lighthouse” of a profile.

Take on the Library of Congress, B Dalton Bookstores, and more as you take the trek through the novel safari of Shelfari. Share your favorites with the coolest of widgets for your blogs and other web sites as you display them on your own portable book case.

UPDATE: (Aug. 2019 updated) Goodreads, “You’re in the right place. Tell us what titles or genres you’ve enjoyed in the past, and we’ll give you surprisingly insightful recommendations.”
Shelfari has merged with Goodreads



Check Out Blogs and Social Networks a Review Parts 2 and 3




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