Social Bookmarking Sites

What can social bookmarking sites do for you? How do they work?

and How do you pick the ones that will work for you?

These are good questions to be sure, but what questions should you ask yourself before choosing your personal social bookmarking sites. Let’s begin with a short list to get you headed on the correct path. What do you want from a bookmarking site? Are friends a big draw for you? Are you primarily wanting to focus on page ranking?  Would you like more exposure to your individual posts? Do your most recent posts need more attention or the front page of your site? Are you up for a popularity contest or are you seeking content related ratings? Would you like a few social bookmarking sites to focus on to really make an Internet difference in exposure or just one? Do you have one blog, social network, or site and want many social bookmarking sites? Or do you have blogs and social networks or other sites and want to focus on a few social bookmarking sites?

To shed some light on the answers to these questions and possible more you would really need to research the masses of social bookmarking sites available to Internet users today. I personally have checked into a few of the major and minor players in the social bookmarking sector of the net and will list a few of the ones I have found useful.

Claim ID

Claim ID

Claim ID is a free sign up site. After setting up your personal visitors profile page, viewers will see a photo and a bit of a bio on you along with your compilation of sites you have entered. This list has areas for descriptions of the sites you add and the link is live and takes the visitor directly to your site. It is sort of an all inclusive “What sites do I have to offer” page which some call a link resume. Verify the sites you list as this will gain you credibility. Claim ID and Open ID are fairly simple sites and an easy way to manage your online presentation identity of hyper-linked URLs.

Yahoo Buzz

Yahoo Buzz

Yahoo Buzz is a social bookmarking site  where stories are ranked by your votes.  Submit your own stories to the Buzz or just hang out and vote on other members submissions.  The voting system at Buzz allows voters to vote up or down on any given story to promote or take away promotion of a story. There is a complete FAQs section at Yahoo Buzz that will answer navigation, system, and other questions. Buzz is people driven and popularity on your chosen stories is a must for high ratings. I found Buzz to feature celebrity and political stories highest. If you have a Yahoo email account, you are just a click away from getting involved with Buzz.



One of the bigger social bookmarking sites, MyBlogLog, is also owned by Yahoo.  This site is also user driven as far as popularity of sites on MyBlogLog.  Your creation personal profile area has a listing for all your personal sites from social networks, blogs, or any web site that you could want to create a list and subsequently a “Group” for. Inputting each of sites at MyBlogLog then creates a “Group” for that site that other members of MyBlogLog can join. Sub groups with the head being a web site. MyBlogLog also has an area to list your social networks under “Services”. This list creates a feed from each of these sites and services and posts the actions right on your viewable personal profile page. Visitors who come to your MyBlogLog site will be able to view all of the submissions you have made to your entire list of sites and services right from your home page. Again, a similarity to a link resume but with a higher interaction level than with Claim ID on the friending side.



Magnolia is a social bookmarking site with the plus of a Wiki. My first impression here was a feature of Art and Photography. The video tutorials on the roots section are a must and the discovery searches and friend capabilities here at Magnolia are also a big attraction to this site. Keeping your sites together collected on a social bookmarking site like Magnolia allows you access to your favorites anytime no matter which computer you are using. Finding out what others like and enjoy and then sharing your bookmarks with your friends who have the same interests as you is one of the many highlights to this site. Magnolia makes the social side of social bookmarking work better.



Bloglines tracks your favorite news, blogs, weather, and classifieds so you don’t have to. This social bookmarking site allows the user to read, save, and share all in one place. Users of PC’s, Mac’s, cell phones, and iPhones can investigate Bloglines top one thousand, lists of popular feeds, interact on site, and more. Bloglines differs from Google Reader a bit on features. With Google Reader’s feed list, you are able to share individual posts or entire feeds for others to then view on your Google Reader home page. Google Reader’s site also features a portable coding widget to embed on your personal blogs or other sites. This is a big plus as using Google Readers widget on your sites also adds fresh content to them. One of the incredible and numerous draws to using the Google related social bookmarking site.



Newsvine is a different sort of social bookmark. It really focuses on headline, interesting, and right now news and articles. Newsvine offers a toolbar button to make it quite easy to submit any article or story you find to your newsvine profile page. Like Stumbleupon, Newsvine concentrates on individual posts, news articles and stories, not necessarily ones you wrote, but ones you or others have found to include in the mixx at Newsvine or Stumbleupon. Another major interest here at Newsvine are the groups. This is a very “news paper boy” oriented site for top stories, tech, science, and curiosity raising stories. If you happen to be the first to submit a particular article, you have the honor of writing a short description and getting head lined in the article as being the “finder”.



While Newsvine and Stumbleupon have the toolbar button feature, Digg usually houses an online, on site button to Digg a story, post, or article. Friending is a feature of Stumbleupon, Newsvine and Digg. Rather required at Digg, as without friends, your chances of other members “digging” your input are fewer. So keep in mind that the friending features are prevalent at MyBlogLog, Digg, Newsvine, Magnolia, Yahoo Buzz, and to some extent with the sharing factor Google Reader.



Technorati is in its own league and category I think when it comes to social bookmarking sites. Technorati has its own rating system to determine “Blog Authority”. Running with the big dog blogs like People, Tech Crunch, Boing Boing, LA Times, and Google will take a lot of focus and precision, SEO, and detail work. Getting in line with what Technorati has to offer may take a bit of time to navigate around and learn the system, but well worth the effort if this is your end run result.



Social bookmarking sites like delicious have a system for running the tags or keyword phrases all together. As opposed to “work at home free trial”, they would run the words together and use workathomefreetrial as the actual keyword phrase or tag. While other social bookmarks allow only one word at a time and will separate the entire phrase like “work, at, home, free, trial. I believe these sites to be a bit outdated as far as Google ratings are concerned. Many search engines prefer the entire phrase as the long tail keyword as it forms a better connection between these individual words, so keep this in mind as you choose.



Zimbio may not seem like a social bookmarking site at first glance but delving further into this Wiki based site I found that indeed it works like a social bookmark for individual posts. Zimbio will gain exposure to individual posts from the blog sites you list with them by categorizing each post into a separate Wiki. That is really what some social bookmark site do, gain you more exposure to your posts and sites.

Blink List

Blink List

Social bookmarking sites can be social featured and driven like Technorati or Digg or just for your personal favorites and listing uses. Furl is one for you personally as is My Bookmarks and Blink List. These sites are for you to store your favorites and have access from multiple computers. Clip Marks lets you “clip”  the section of the page you wish to save or bookmark rather than the entire page. A paragraph, sentence, image or video. The exact part of the page that you wish to favorite.

Clip Marks

Clip Marks

Choose from user voting sites like propeller or Digg, friending sites, sites just for you, bookmarking sites that also offer cool widgets for your blogs, link lists, community driven or rated by the site, private bookmarks, group featured sites, news focused sites, or the multi social bookmarking sites like MyBlogLog.

Making a list of questions you want answered and features you need, focusing on the end result desired along the way and using “Do you want to make a list of saved pages for yourself?” Or “Am I looking for page ratings primarily for my sites or individual posts?” These questions will whittle down your starting point in the location of social bookmarking sites for you.

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me

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Wavecritter’s Vacation :)

Hiya everyone 🙂 I have been vacationing on the island. I have been sorting through the multiple blogs, social networks, radio shows, and other sites I have spending time on and have whittled the list down to my very favorites as to focus on the ones I can better manage. I absolutely love to post on different Blogs and Social Networks and enjoy doing reviews on these sites 🙂 I also enjoy Video Games and Gaming, with a few favorites and am currently working on a few very cool sites along these lines.

Here is a list of the sites I am going to focus on. Unfortunately, I cannot keep working the crazy hours I have been ( I would be surprised if anyone could for more than one and a half to two years straight lol :). So, I have whittled and weaned and decided on the following sites: Video Games and Gaming Online radio Blogs and Social Networks Online radio Our WordPress Blog on Video Games and Gaming Blogs and Social Networks reviews Blogger Blog on Video Games and Gaming WordPress Blogs and Social Networks Site Our Video Games and Gaming Wetpaint Wiki, A Work In Progress Our Blog Reviews Wetpaint Wiki, Work in Progress Blogger Blogs and Social Networks Site Loaded with Internet Network Marketing Information My Virtual Marketing Wetpaint Wiki Loaded with Internet Marketing Info Who Are The members of My VM Team?
Social Network Marketing Information and Tips Work in Progress and A Surprise Site 🙂

Blog Nut Social Network An Awesome, Huge, Social Network for Business Owners and Some Nutty Fun with Time Saver Tools:)

Club Green Social Network
Go Green and Save the Planet

Santa Live Now Social Network Santa Claus Has A Ning!

Christmas Emporium Social Network Fun Christmas Ning

MySpace Wavecritter Check Out My Space 🙂

Zimbio Wiki Social Network Zimbio Wikis Abound, Be Sure to Get Your Posts and Articles Submitted to Your Wikis or Others

Utterli Social Network Utterli, formerly Utterz, is a Pod Casters Dream 🙂

Flckr Photo Social Network Photos and Screen Shots Every Where

MyBlogLog Yahoos Blogger Social Network This is a Must For All Blogs and Social Networks Lovers

So, catch me at any of these sites above (the very best place to leave a message for me is MyVMTeam's, GenericMLM's, or SocialNetworkMarketing's wiki sites:)

Let me tell you a bit about my venture and vacation over the past four weeks 🙂

This is one of the coolest places I have ever been with a couple of large towns surrounded by various smaller ones. The people of this community are the absolute best and interaction with them is always a joy. There is always something new and exciting happening so be sure not to blink 🙂

Visiting the various landscapes of the island is an adventure in itself. On one side of the island are lush forested landscapes and farther to the east are desert lands, some sprinkled with palm trees and beautiful water features. Areas so vast that you may not come across another person for long stretches of time and towns packed to the gills, where you interact and make countless friends.

With so much to keep you busy, there is never a dull moment. If you enjoy some great fishing spots, this is the place for you. Ready areas to cook them up are available for your pleasure and experience as well. I become an expert in one of the activities they have to offer having fun and gaining experience along the way. Parties and groups get together regularly to travel into charted and uncharted territories. Get points with the island owners by ridding the towns of unwanted visitors and enemies using your gifted skills. A most relaxing and fulfilling vacation spot.

The towns are equipped for travelers from across the globe with banks, vendors for countless items, transportation, and food. The weather is always beautiful on the island as it hasn't rained in some time, seemingly never 🙂 Always a friendly experience with helpful characters and visitors.

So…where am I talking about? Hmmmm….what is this island and where is it located? The Caribbean? Off Key West's Coast or Florida's East Coast?…

Nope 🙂 Come and visit Woodly, Wavecritter or Wyverex and give us a wave (type in /wave) to say hello 🙂

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Blogs and Social Networks Podcasting

Podcasting allows us to publish audio or video on the web, which then allows others to subscribe to our media and to get automatic updates.

Podcasting is really a digital video and/or audio recording(s) that we make available to others online. Let’s focus on computer based podcasting for now.

Sites like Podbean, Audacity, Blog Talk Radio, YouTube, and Utterli a just a few of the popular podcasting themed sites on the net.

Formatting with podcasts is most always in MP3, Sites like iTunes will auto convert WMA files for you which is quite useful in general.

When you upload your videos to Youtube or you get and ebed or source type code to place these web widgets in code form into the HTML format of your blog or web sites.

Beginners tips would be first and foremost to start with shorter length podcasts and practice, leaving time for editing and the small learning curve that will make your podcasts extraordinary 🙂

Podbean and Utterli are two very unique Blogs and Social Networks sites and with sites like Blog Talk Radio, it is a podcasters wonderland on the Internt today. These are hosters for your podcasts: Podbean, Utterli, Blog Talk Radio, and if you have a musicians account on MySpace, uploaded files being stored right on this musician MySpace profile page is also a holder for your music podcasts. Utterli allows users to record and publish audio, video, text, and images directly from users cell phones and offer a snazzy web widget to embed on your personal blog, social network, or web site for instant broadcasts any where 🙂

If you have not gotten your feet wet to date with podcasting, why not try out a Blog Podcasting site like Podbean. Podcast hosting and social subscribing. When you add a subscription to Podbean, there is also a button to simultaneously add it to your iTunes as well! Podbean gives you a list of the hottest tags or keywords right now, the most subscribed to, most listened to, and available podcasts right now.

Let’s go back to iTunes for a moment and check out the podcasts on podcasting! After listening into a few of these you should well be ready to get going with some of your own. There is a podcast on podcasting called Podcasting 411 Inside the Podcasters Studio Show with Rob and then check out Podcasting For Dummies Show with Tee Morris. ITunes is a major podcasters dream, ipods and iphones along with your PC make iTunes rock 🙂 ITunes is free to download and takes just a few seconds depending on your connection speed.

Blog Talk Radio is also free to use like Podbean and Utterli with no downloads required.

ITunes generally podcasters “take” from this site, meaning they download free and purchased podcasts from the iTunes store, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ITunes also has music, movies, TV shows, applications, and audio books to download to your computer and sync to your ipod or iphone and take with you.

Blog Talk Radio hosts input good content onto the net for others to be able to download and play at their convenience, so there is more of a give and take relationship for users. Blog Talk Radio shows are alo inputted and download from iTunes. Listeners use Blog Talk Radio for information, news, education, how to’s, and entertainment. When the users find a show they enjoy, they can download either from Blog Talk Radio or subscribe to the show through iTunes. When a new show gets broadcast, users and subscribers can be alerted and automatically download the shows. There are multiple options here with the iTunes download.

With Blog Talk Radio they have the option of a free downloadable toolbar creating easy log in accesss, what’s on the air, popular, the best of Blog Talk Radio, and featured shows on right now. Easy acces to your friends and favorites as well.

One of the coolest free audio tools out there is Audacity. A bit on the techy side, but not near the learning curve of programs like Camtasia.

Begin your own adventure into podcasting, we would love to hear or see you on the net.

Stevie and Stephanie Haile aka Blogheiress and Wavecritter Google Us 🙂

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Web Widgets for Blogs and Social Networks

Google Gadgets

Google Gadgets

What are they? What do they do? How do they work? Well, widgets today have become as easy as a walk in the park.

Widgets, Gadgets, Little Applications for your Desktop, Toolbar, Blog, or Social Networks site.

A web widget is actually a portable chunk of code that can be placed, installed, and executed within any HTML based web page. After placed, it enhances your page from the idea of code reuse.

Google Gadgets, Yahoo Widgets, Apples one stop widget warehouse. These sites and other descriptions for the web widget like gadget, badge, webjit, capsule, snippet, mini, and flake can all be searched and will deliver multiple web widget sites.

Web widgets sometimes use Flash or Javascript and can be clocks, countdowns, weather information boxes, stock tickers, 3D photo cubes, Friend Adders, or blog updaters for your favorite sites. These codes draw from the Internet to bring the Widgets main information to the user and their visitors so you don’t need to go hopping around from site to site to get the latest information. You don’t actually need to go to the other sites, just view the needed data right there on your site through the chosen web widgets.

If you follow the stocks or weather, specific blog sites (this is a big plus for web wdgets here), Google Reader lets you take your updated blog reading list with you. Put the Google Reader web widget on your own site and keep up with the newest posts from your favorite sites.

We follow a lot of the Social Networks this way as many have their own blog site as well. Sites like Twitter, Blogger, MySpace, and others have their own private widgets available. Through sites like IGoogle, you have the option to set up your own personal page to view all of the selected widgets you choose at a glance.

IGoogle makes it easy to request web widgets to be added to your pages. They alleviate the need of copy and paste, you just browse through the widget selection, select the ones you like with a one click system. Visit your page to grab and rearrange your chosen web widgets and there you go. You have created a one stop set up of embeddable chunks of code.

Remember, a web widget is anything that can be embedded within a page of HTML (a web page) that adds content to a page that isn’t static, meaning it automatically is adding fresh page content as it refreshes.

Web widgets are quite common and used by Bloggers, Social Networkers, and personal website owners. Like I previously mentioned above, home page sites like IGoogle, NetVibes, and Page Flakes are made to be easiest to create a home page for yourself of widgets to stay in touch with what is imporatnt to you )

Apps or widgets placed on a third party web site via embedded code, then the widget brings “right now” information and added content like links, images, and advertisements from the other third party sites without the web site owner having to update as often.

Keep in mind that widgets can also be used  for detrimental purposes transporting viruses or other negative reasons like enticing people to download adware.

Listen into our Blogs and Social Networks Blog Talk Radio Show on Widgets for more.

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me

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Blogs and Social Networks Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land

This is a site with condensed news and information ( highlighting, it seems, the master of the searches, Google ). Find the latest, most up to date topics of interest where search engine optization and other related announcements are posted. News from Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, Ask, AOL, and more. The site is easy to navigate with tabbing across the top for the major topics and an “on site” search box to look up any topic of searching the Internet you can think of. Subscribing to the newsletter (about half way down the page on the right) will keep you up to date or subscribe along the top to the RSS Feed or add to Bloglines, Netvibes, Google, Windows Live, or My Yahoo.

Blogs and Social Networks

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter

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