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Once you get your personal layout profiles to your liking, why would you then wish to change it? When changing a profile layout, sometimes you feel at a loss because you have worked so hard to get your profiles at many Blogs and Social Networks “Just Right”. No need to worry about this at all if you have a notepad or other saver system in your my documents, just copy and paste straight from your “about me” section of your social network directly to a save section in your documents, notepad, word, or other program. Then after the special event, holiday, or new creation for your layout, background, or profile, you can always copy and paste it right back into your “about me” or other section of your profile layout area.

This is how I placed the Green Ghosty with the hat!

I added the background code as a post to this blog site, not on the sidebar but as an actual post and it took as a replacement for the original background image to my original blog layout. I did not adjust the layout code at all either so all I will need to do to change it back to the original graphic image is delete the post 🙂 Fun to tweak and change blogs and social networks in new and unique ways 🙂

As you build your new layout by adding your choice contact table, cursor, falling objects, graphics, sounds, and more, label the order of each as you go or always choose the same order. Place enter spaces between each item and you will know which is which by counting down the order, if your cursor is always third and your background is always last, you will know which to change if you aren’t happy with the final outcome and overall look of your layout.

Using CSS profile backgrounds and layouts with sites like Friendster and Ning is very different in the “tweaking” of the premade layouts than the regular HTML codes used at sites like MySpace and Blogspot. The sheer number of premade layouts available not only makes this layout process easier by copying and pasting the entire code, you also get a first hand look at the coding. Later on, when you start thinking about learning a bit more to adjust these codes, having viewed them already, will help in your understanding greatly when you go to “tweak” them.

Halloween Ning layouts and Friendster layouts are CSS codes which many profile, background, and layout sites have already set up with premade designs and the wealth of premade layouts for HTML coding profile Blogs and Social Networks will actually make the choosing a difficult process.

Along with the numerous graphics, generators, countdown tables, contact boxes, animations, comments, and more, many sites host the coolest of backgrounds and layout designs for Halloween and other holidays.

Some of the sites I found that sport some great selections of Halloween Layouts for your Social Network profiles include: Wish A Friend with twenty-four pages of choice Halloween design layouts including a variety from very mild, children quality designs to scary graveyards to some gore; Halloween Joys has a site that offers some fairly decent, creepy animated GIFs along with some easy to post Halloween Flash Games and an interesting History and Traditions of Halloween section; Graphics Arcade is a site mostly for a good selection of Halloween Graphics. Their Halloween Layouts are a bit limited in number but they may just have the one you were looking for; Cool Holiday Graphics and Holiday Joys are yet a few more with some interesting Halloween Graphics, Layouts, and Backgrounds.

Firebug for the Firefox browser has an addon to edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and Javascript live on any webpage. This may be an answer for you to successfully “tweak” your codings.

Enjoying the Holidays with an attractive, time sensitive, stirring profile layout is just another exciting part of sharing Blogs and Social Networks with the Internet World.

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me 😉

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