Blogs and Social Networks Springing Up Like Mushrooms

Blogs and Social Networks Springing Up Like Mushrooms

Holy Cow! When Stevie and I first started reviewing Blogs and Social Networks about 2 years ago, the list was completable but quite daunting. With the speed of new sites popping up weekly, daily, no … hourly, the list of reviews is completely endless and impossible to secure by a Mother and Daughter team alone. This never ending stream of new sites, updated older ones, and Social Networks up and coming out of the horizon is nothing short of an emerging army.

This weeks show on will cover the highlights of the newness, changes and updates of some of the power house sites like MyBlogLog, MySpace, Facebook, and some of the Google Services, along with some news and updates from Wetpaint, Utterz, Twitter helper sites and more.

Stephanie and Stevie Haile aka Wavecritter and Blogheiress Google Us 😉

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