Podcasting What R U Waiting For?

Podcasting is too cool 4 school actually and if you are missing the boat, well you better swim 4 it 🙂

To view a very informative post on Podcasting with Blog Talk Radio and ITunes visit www.BlogsandSocialNetworks.net

But for more on podcasting … here we goooo…

Let’s cover video podcasting in this post and first start out with how cool Windows Movie Maker is, that it is already on your computer probably if you have a Windows based system and it is quite complimentary (meaning free, of course, but also it compliments podcasting in that its creations can then become video or audio podcasts, neato).

I have a step by step video at YouTube.com/user/wavecritter on How To Windows Movie Maker if you care to view that one, or there are many more out there to get you informed on how to get going creating your own videos to turn into a podcast at YouTube just by uploading it onto your channel. YouTube calls your personal storage area/profile a channel because it is your area to let your friends and viewers watch your videos 🙂

Back to the easy, cheesy, lemon squeezy Windows Movie Maker, get into it, what R U waiting for? You too can capture your imagination for the World to see and enjoy 🙂 Play around and no worries.

Visit YouTube.com/blog for all of the YouTube updates and then YouTube.com/testtube for some total coolies with YouTube! You can also reach these sites by visiting your YouTube channel and clicking on community above on the tabs, awesome.

Onto one of the coolest free download audio tools out there Audacity.

A bit technical it seems at first, but never fear and no worries here, not near the learning curve of some other podcasting tools like Camtasia and others. I actually am making a How to Video on this Audacity as well that will soon be on YouTube 🙂

Stevie and Stephanie Haile Google Us 🙂

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