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As I back into the hedge this morning, leaving much too hastily for an appointment, my eyes darting around to make sure there were no witnesses of my blunder, a detail that had previously escaped my notice leapt from its place of concealment. A neat, little, finished package sat smartly between my feet. Feeling a bit silly, I say goodbye to the hedge and pull into the drive again.

I gaze fixedly at the gift, studying the wrappings and bow in a stupor. “Now, how did this get here? Probably something Amanda has left behind.” I muse aloud as I begin to undress the dainty package. A note sits atop the gift from my all-knowing friend. It simply reads “My inspiration is time, and it is time for some inspiration.”

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(This link is also gone. Vox used to be a nice blog site with very good writing groups. This post was a weekly idea generator consisting of 5 words. 5 words, write a short story. Edited Aug. 2019)

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