How To Copy And Paste

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Hello The basic computer skill of Copy and Paste is a must know for blogs and social networks.

There are 2 ways to copy and paste. First way is to click your right mouse and hold it as you drag the cursor over the words or phrases you want to copy. Or, if you want to copy the entire page, then you can right click the mouse anywhere on the page and the drop down menu will appear. Click with the left mouse button while the cursor is over the words select all. This will highlight the whole page. Sometimes this will also include things that you do not want like the header of an email or other unwanted text, so be sure you look to see what got highlighted with this method.

Practice with this page, I will space things so you can get the whole page by clicking the right mouse over what beginning letter you want to start with in the sentence and then holding it down as you drag the cursor over the length of the word.

It will turn blue as you drag the mouse. You can let go of the right mouse button after everything you want to copy is highlighted. Don’ click the mouse again until the cursor is right on top of some of the highlighted things, then right click the mouse, a drop down menu is presented. Place your cursor arrow over the word copy and left click the word copy.

It is now in your mouse and ready to be pasted. While you are practicing, leave the page that you copied from open until you paste in case you need to start over.

Now go to the email or other page that you want to paste into. Place your cursor in the area you want to paste in, and right click your mouse, another drop down menu will appear. Place the arrow over the word paste and left click paste. Eureka! You have transferred a document, email, or other text or graphic from one place to another!

Second way to copy and paste is to highlight the area with your mouse, same as above, then while the highlight is still on, push the Ctrl (under the shift key) and the c key at the same time. This will copy. To paste, click your cursor so the typing line shows on the page you are pasting to, and push the Ctrl and the v key at the same time. The copied items should appear like magic.

Practice with this page if you want, I have spaced things so you can take a paragraph, a sentence or the whole thing.

This works with text. Graphics and photos are very similar. Use the right click method and the drop down menu will give you the option of save as, use this option. Make sure it is save “AS”. Left click this and type a word or two so you can remember what the picture is, also make sure (the computer usually does this for you) it says that it is saving your photo or image to your pictures file. This is the easiest way to retrieve them later in a file that is easy to find.

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter


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